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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. L

    Bird ID help - Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Sorry for the poor quality - is it possible to ID what birds these are? Both seen at Doi Inthanon National Park. The warbler-like bird was seen near the summit, and the dove/pigeon was spotted at a lower altitude. Many thanks.
  2. Laughing dove

    Laughing dove

  3. K

    Fledglings are nowhere to be found…

    Keep hearing momma coo for them but I haven’t seen the two mourning dove fledglings anywhere. Where could they have gone? I barely see cats roam in this building, we’ve had some downpours which help keep any random cats away if anything. Luckily the bush in the garden seemed to have provided...
  4. K

    Urgent help needed with fledgling doves

    Two mourning dives have fledged in my courtyard. 5 days ago. Parent is feeding and I’ve seen them practice flying. My problem is that it’s a small enclosed courtyard with high walls and I fear they won’t be able to fly out. Can I catch them with my hands and take them out of the courtyard into...
  5. Joy of jujubes ...

    Joy of jujubes ...

    It was a very cold day at Keoladeo ... ... with hanging columns of fog drifting around slowly ... throughout the day ... Wild jujube trees were full of ripening fruits ... and these colorful pigeons were gorging themselves ... ... glee fully ___________________ Yellow-footed Green...
  6. Surreal ...

    Surreal ...

    Sunset ... ... at Keoladeo could be surreal ... __________________ Eurasian Collared Dove 12 January 2023
  7. Himaayas-654 : Emerald Dove on forest floor : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok tewari

    Himaayas-654 : Emerald Dove on forest floor : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok tewari

    1.9K views, 49 likes, 2 loves, 10 comments, 26 shares, Facebook Watch Videos When we reached Sattal that day ... it was already post noon ... and light drizzle was on ... There was very little bird activity ... ... cold wind assuring absent butterfly activity an well ... So ... to make use...
  8. Contrasting hues ...

    Contrasting hues ...

    Males have lovely contrasting colors ... that deepen during breeding season ... ____________ Red Collared Dove ... male
  9. C

    Found this adorable small feather outside my Uncle's residence. East NJ, USA. Did not pick it up but use my hand as a reference for size. Thanks!

    See the title! Ive never seen a feather this small before. Its very cute.
  10. Charm ...

    Charm ...

    Though ... our minds were almost entirely preoccupied with the thoughts of the rare find of the Golden Plover in NCR ... ... yet ... the irresistible charm of this awesome pair was difficult to overlook ... ________ Laughing Dove Jhajjar Haryana India 26 August 2022
  11. Chubby, sleepy mourning dove

    Chubby, sleepy mourning dove

    Evidently my yard's getting a little boring. He takes a nap in the same spot every day between 3 and 5 pm.
  12. Himalayas - 629

    Himalayas - 629

    What the he.. ! ... this one definitely didn't like the intrusion ... Spotted Dove Sattal Uttarakhand Himalayas India 5October 2021
  13. Mourning dove

    Mourning dove

  14. N


  15. Jorbeer - 61

    Jorbeer - 61

    Jorbeer - 61 Resident ... as well as summer migrant to Indian plains ... ... these little doves have such lovely colors ... A male here feeding on the seeds of desert grasses ... Red Collared Dove 22.02.2022
  16. Jorbeer - 53 : Yellow-eyed Pigeon : group inflight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Jorbeer - 53 : Yellow-eyed Pigeon : group inflight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    It is not possible to describe that special moment ... ... as anything else but magical ... The statistics will support it ... There are only less than ten thousand individuals of this Globally Threatened species left in the world ( latest estimates put the figure at 6000 ... ) ... and at...
  17. Collared dove

    Collared dove

    A delicate little collared dove amongst the lavender.
  18. Jorbeer - 36

    Jorbeer - 36

    There were about 150 plus of these globally threatened individuals ... foraging peacefully ... as 'peace is their middle name ... ... and then the Eagle flew over the ground ... ... panicking them and making them take off en masse ... Giving us this rarest of rare moment ...
  19. Jorbeer - 28

    Jorbeer - 28

    It was a very pleasant spring evening ... ... The Reserve is a quiet place ... and a they have had a good afternoon meal ... ... all those being wonderful soporifics ... ... inducing an irresistible snooze ... ... and a stroke of good luck for us to get these rare and threatened beauties...
  20. Jorbeer - 23

    Jorbeer - 23

    Now ... a Dove ... from the land of Raptors One ... that is relatively rare, here ... ... and is Globally Threatened As per the last estimate in 2016 ... ... there were only 10,000-19,999 adults left ... with a clear declining trend ... Un-official guestimates put that number at...
  21. Brown Cuckoo-Dove / Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove

    Brown Cuckoo-Dove / Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove

    I filmed this Brown Cuckoo-Dove or Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove on my last day in Brisbane, Queensland, in the Brisbane State Forest in Australia.
  22. Laughing Dove .

    Laughing Dove .

    Image cropped, re-sized, levels adjusted and minimally sharpened. Thank you for your kind appreciation of my previous posts.
  23. Spotted Dove

    Spotted Dove

    SPOTTED DOVE (Spilopelia chinensis ) 珠頸斑鳩, although very common here, they still look beautiful.
  24. Mourning Dove

    Mourning Dove

    Tourterelle triste Taken in my yard. Cought while stretching his wing.
  25. Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis)1.jpg

    Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis)1.jpg