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  1. Tom St

    Black or Ashy Drongo in Thailand--Sukhotai

    According to my guidebook, Black Drongo tails are more deeply forked than Ashy Drongo tails. Is the tail visible on these shots enough to ID this as Black Drongo, then? Bird observed in Sukhotai on 5th November 2022. Thanks for your help!
  2. Tom St

    Drongo in Thailand--Khao Yai NP

    Is a silhouette like this enough to ID Drongos to species level? Bird observed in Khao Yai National Park on 2nd November 2022. Thanks for your help!
  3. Tom St

    Drongo in Thailand--Khao Yai NP

    Are the drongos on this bad flight shot IDable? Birds observed in Khao Yai National Park on 2nd November 2022. Thanks for your help!
  4. Barbets48

    Drongo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Seen at city park in Kuala Lumpur in March. I believe it is either Greater Racket-tailed or Crow-billed Drongo. Did not show rackets on tail or prominent fluff of feathers behind the bill that would be characteristic of Greater Racket-tailed. I know that these terrible photos may not be clear...
  5. Himalayas-760


    Hair-crested Drongo ... it was a very dark bird in a fairly dark part of the forest edge ... ... the iridescence though ... saved the day ... _________________ Ranikhet Hill station Altitude 6500 feet Uttarakhand Himalayas India 31 October 2023
  6. Shining ...

    Shining ...

    ... in the morning sun ... When angle is good ... the uniform abyss black ... ... breaks up into brilliant patches of iridescence ... ____________________ Black Drongo Gurugram : Haryana India
  7. Slender And Streamlined.

    Slender And Streamlined.

    The Drongo Sitting On Branch Of Bamboo And, Flexing It's slender Looks.
  8. Azan Khan

    Drongo from Pakistan

    Posting it on behalf of a friend, Atif Taj. Photos taken on 29 August, 2022 Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Can you please help me ID this drongo? It looks odd for both of the common species found in the country. It has certain features of Hair-crested Drongo but lacks the backward curls in tail...
  9. Jorbeer - 72

    Jorbeer - 72

    Jorbeer - 72 Black Drongo ... enjoying cattle ride ... ___________ 21 February 2022
  10. Juvenile Drongo

    Juvenile Drongo

    Photographed A Juvenille Black Drongo At The Time Of His Rest After Training.
  11. L

    What drongo is this? (Singapore)

    Hi! Is it possible to tell from these photos what species this bird might be? I thought it was a crow-billed drongo initially, but some others have suggested it could just be a greater racket-tailed drongo, without its racket-tails. Thank you.
  12. Black Drongo

    Black Drongo

    S/he was far away. BG is a half-dried Chromolaena bush which didn't help the exposure either . Thank you for your kind appreciation of my previous post.
  13. Black Drongo - feeding (Dicrurus macrocercus).jpg

    Black Drongo - feeding (Dicrurus macrocercus).jpg

    Feeding on insects
  14. Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus).jpg

    Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus).jpg

  15. J

    Identify Drongo Sindh Pakistan

    I need the identification of This Drongo, Some indian forum's members identify it as 'Ashy Drongo' which doesn't has any record or winter distribution in Sindh, Pakistan
  16. Black Drongo

    Black Drongo

  17. Fork-tailed Drongo

    Fork-tailed Drongo

    AKA Common Drongo AKA African Drongo AKA Savanna Drongo. A bird has many names! :D They are very common in a variety of different habitats including cities, and occur in much of Sub-saharan Africa.
  18. Safe Landing ...

    Safe Landing ...

    Safe Landing ... While showing one wing flap take off as a composite of six images ... ... was an act of indulgence ... ... to show a safe landing ... after hawking ... eight images are bare necessity ... Safe landing for ... even for a mid-sized passerine is a complex process ...
  19. Take Off ...

    Take Off ...

    Take off ... This Black Drongo was hawking insects in air ... Here's a composite of six images showing him take off for an aerial sortie ... Two wing movements ... and he's airborne ... and comfortable ... ... while safe landing is a much more complex process ... ... that I'll share...
  20. Spring-Summer - 348

    Spring-Summer - 348

    Spring-Summer - 348 Come season ... ... and Give me the Light ... Of your thought Then ... ... True glory Shall be revealed To ... one And all _________ Black Drongo ... on a pedestal Watch him in action in a video-clip uploaded today ... Link : https://ebird.org/checklist/S65388237...
  21. Balcony Biodiversity-2.0.4

    Balcony Biodiversity-2.0.4

    Balcony Biodiversity - 2.0.4 An addition to the list of balcony birds ... Black Drongo ... We saw a pair of them in spring this year ... first time ever in the neighborhood gardens ... ... yesterday one of them arrived in front of the balcony ... in twilight hawking insect ...
  22. Juv. Black Drongo

    Juv. Black Drongo

  23. Drongo Cuckoo

    Drongo Cuckoo

    Lurking in the dappled shade at about 600m elevation. Many thanks to Grahame Walbridge for correcting my previous mis-identification.
  24. Black Drongo Juvenile

    Black Drongo Juvenile

  25. Black Drongo Juvenile

    Black Drongo Juvenile