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  1. White-faced whistling duck

    White-faced whistling duck

    Not something usually seen in Florida - this is predominantly a South American duck which may or may not have been occasionally released or escaped...though not established, one seems to pop up in a random Florida wetland every 3-5 years as this one did, hanging around with some black-bellied...
  2. Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Male Hooded Merganser
  3. R

    What bird/duck is this? New Hampshire, USA

    I saw this duck with a large group of mallards and a couple of American Black Ducks. The duck I am having trouble identifying is the black one with the white breast/chest. Is it some sort of hybrid/sub species?
  4. Black-bellied whistling duck flying head-on

    Black-bellied whistling duck flying head-on

    Approaching straight at me at high speed - an interesting perspective of the duck for an in-flight shot
  5. Blue-winged teal

    Blue-winged teal

    Adult male blue-winged teal seen in the San Diego Creek in Newport Beach, California.
  6. Wood duck

    Wood duck

    A drake showing full colors
  7. Tom St

    Warbler and duck in the Netherlands--Haren

    Observed on 02.08.2020 The warbler(s) could be one of the Whitethroats. The duck may be a female Tufted? Not sure, the bill seems off.
  8. Kaan Ozgencil

    Greater Scaups?

    Hello. I found these two ducks yesterday in Central Turkey (Ankara province) in a freshwater lake, and I am having hard time IDing them because of some unusual features they have. These ducks were hanging within an Aythya nyroca flock. What I found unusual about them were (i) they have rather...
  9. Wood Duck family

    Wood Duck family

    Father is on the left, mother to the right. The young are about one to two weeks out of the egg.
  10. Knob-billed Duck on rock

    Knob-billed Duck on rock

  11. Knob-billed Ducks

    Knob-billed Ducks

  12. Mallard


    Introduced species. Maybe a crossbred example.
  13. and relax...

    and relax...

    baby fluffies are exhausting.
  14. Fulvous Whistling Ducks

    Fulvous Whistling Ducks

    Fulvous Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna bicolor)
  15. And ... they flew over

    And ... they flew over

    And they flew over ... On a lucky day ... ... it is possible to get four species of Water_fowl_in_sky Northern Pintail Northern Shoveler ( 1 in front ) Common Teal ( 1 in the centre of the image ) Gadwall The group had 45 individuals of those, 15 are seen here ... complete...
  16. Chestnut teal (female)

    Chestnut teal (female)

    Chestnut teal
  17. Chestnut Teal (male)

    Chestnut Teal (male)

    Chestnut Teal
  18. Ring-necked Duck

    Ring-necked Duck

    Ring-necked Duck at Middle Creek WMA, PA.
  19. Gadwall Duck in Flight.

    Gadwall Duck in Flight.

  20. Fulvous Whistling Ducks

    Fulvous Whistling Ducks

    Fulvous Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna bicolor) with one Yellow-billed Pintail (Anas georgica spinicauda).