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  1. A red gape?

    A red gape?

    This appears to be a young Dunnock, but I've little experience with seeing fledgings. This one appears to have a red gape - I wonder if that is normal for them.
  2. 249- Prunella modularis Dunnock-13 juin 2019.jpg

    249- Prunella modularis Dunnock-13 juin 2019.jpg

    Accenteur mouchet - Prunella modularis - Dunnock
  3. Feeders don't interest him....

    Feeders don't interest him....

    .... still likes to eat though! Dunnocks seems to prefer eating on the ground, this one was foraging around underneath the feeders, picking up what everyone else had dropped (including me!)
  4. dunnock


  5. B9311617-4DE4-451C-9278-550B8CB43C9C.jpeg


    Dunnock scratching around for food
  6. Not related at all

    Not related at all

    I don't often manage to catch the Dunnock, so delighted when one pops onto the shed roof and stays long enough for a picture. The Chaffinch seemed to be a bit surprised to see him too. TTTW
  7. A typical LBJ

    A typical LBJ

    A Dunnock had replaced the Robin on top of the gate post. The light wasn't so good though and it was still through the windscreen, sorry for the poor image.
  8. DSCN0201.JPG


    Dunnock sunning itself in the Sun
  9. Dunnock in morning light

    Dunnock in morning light

    Nice early(ish) walk out to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lovely conditions and spotted this lovely Dunnock feeding, then hopping onto the low hedges.
  10. Gradual appearance

    Gradual appearance

    First it was the top of the head, then gradually more and more of him came into view as he walked up the bank from the other side of the crash barrier. Finally coming into full view on the grass verge. Handsome birds these Dunnocks, aren't they.
  11. B Dunnock.jpg

    B Dunnock.jpg

    Nice Dunnock high in a bush on a sunny morning
  12. Dunnock


  13. Dunnock


  14. Dunnock


  15. Dunnock Singing

    Dunnock Singing

    I had to post this little chap singing his head off ... funny
  16. Displaying Dunnock

    Displaying Dunnock

  17. Found my own food

    Found my own food

    ... so let's hope that darn Robin stays away!! I'd also put some feed on the ground on the other side of the road. There's often a Dunnock hiding in the bushes there. Incidentally, this picture started off very dark, but with the aid of something I messed about with in FastStone I managed to...
  18. Dunnock


  19. Acentor comĂșn

    Acentor comĂșn

    Ave huidiza , que gusta moverse entra la espesura, salvo cuando tiene que buscar pareja..
  20. Dunnock


    Dunnock on our Laurel Hedge. Missing Rutland Water N/R in this Lockdown. Keep Safe Everyone.
  21. On the Lookout

    On the Lookout

    A Dunnock in the garden on the lookout for food
  22. Dunnock 5764.jpg

    Dunnock 5764.jpg

  23. Dunnock


  24. Dunnock


  25. Dunnock


    Taking in a few rays ...