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  1. G

    Galápagos - Floreana Island - Sandpiper ID?

    Hi all, Just returning from an amazing trip to the Galápagos. An incredible experience! Looking through my photos and came back to a peep I couldn’t identify at the time, and still having trouble. Seen on beach near Punto Cormorán on north side of Floreana island. There were two in a pair...
  2. P

    Tanager- Ecuadorian Amazon

    Hi all, these are two birds I encountered together in the amazon rainforests of Ecuador. I believe they are tanagers but am unsure what type. They are grainy and imperfect pictures but I think someone with better knowledge than myself could place the species. I originally thought it was Tanagara...
  3. Pearled Treerunner

    Pearled Treerunner

  4. Turquoise Jay

    Turquoise Jay

  5. Pale-edged Flycatcher

    Pale-edged Flycatcher

  6. Yellow-vented Woodpecker

    Yellow-vented Woodpecker

  7. Olive-backed Woodcreeper

    Olive-backed Woodcreeper

  8. Chestnut-breasted Coronet

    Chestnut-breasted Coronet

  9. Olive Finch

    Olive Finch

    On the road out from Mashpi Lodge
  10. Cinnamon Becard

    Cinnamon Becard

    Rainy day, light wasn't great.
  11. Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    Looking perky (Yes he's on a feeding station)
  12. Zeledon's Antbird (female)

    Zeledon's Antbird (female)

    Showing well with male.
  13. Zeledon's Antbird

    Zeledon's Antbird

    Showed very well, with a female despite the rain.
  14. Chestnut-capped Brushfinch

    Chestnut-capped Brushfinch

  15. Slate-throated Redstart ( Whitestart)

    Slate-throated Redstart ( Whitestart)

  16. Green Jay (Inca)

    Green Jay (Inca)

  17. Montane Woodcreeper

    Montane Woodcreeper

  18. Masked Trogon

    Masked Trogon

  19. Cinnamon Flycatcher

    Cinnamon Flycatcher

    Cinnamon Flycatcher -----
  20. R

    Solo birder in Ecuador- finding group tours/companions for Quito day trips?

    I am travelling to Ecuador next month for work but I will have a few days in Quito by myself afterwards and I would like to take a day trip to either Antisana/Pallapacta/Yanococha to see the condors etc. All the tour options I am seeing are private and understandably charge a high premium for...
  21. P

    Audio from Amazonian Ecuador - PART 2

    Hi all, I had a great response from the community last time I posted audio files from my stint as a researcher in Ecuador. I'm gradually going through old recordings and trying to piece together some identifications, so if anyone finds any of these songs and calls recognisable, please let me...
  22. P

    Juvenile Birds in the Ecuadorian Amazon

    EDIT: IGNORE DESCRIPTION, PLEASE READ DISCUSSION These juvenile Tinamous were encountered around an Oxbow lake in secondary forest within the Ecuadorian Amazon, altitude about 250m, not far from small human habitation and within small scale agroforestry area. There was at least one other...
  23. P

    Ecuadorian Amazon - Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl?

    This is a small snip of audio taken from an ID video during a nocturnal amphibian survey. The call sounds in the first few seconds of the recording, and after reviewing all the expected owl species calls, I think i have found a fit in Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, which has been reported before in the...
  24. P

    Mystery Bird - Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador

    On a visit to Mindo in Ecuador I managed a grainy photo of this bird that has completely thrown me for a loop. If anyone has any idea I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
  25. lgonz1008

    Mindo: Birding the West Slope of Ecuador

    South America is the birding continent, this is something being told by just about every birdwatcher under the sun and it is a goal destination for most. Earlier this year I visited the region for the first time with a 10-day birding trip to Guyana that can only be described as unforgettable due...