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  1. Juvenile Sabine's Gull

    Juvenile Sabine's Gull

    This Gull spent a couple of days on the Monmouth at Lyme Regis
  2. Pink footed Goose

    Pink footed Goose

    Taken at the Washington WWT, Co. Durham
  3. Black-necked grebe (juv)

    Black-necked grebe (juv)

    I don't send many shots in for magazine publication but I have sent this one in and some similar shots and some completely different of this bird. I will just have to see how they do. I would have liked another 1/3rd down on compensation, but there you go. I was very pleased with my second site...
  4. Black-necked grebe (juv)

    Black-necked grebe (juv)

    Went back yesterday and got a few shots of the kind I missed on Sunday. Shot taken at f2.8
  5. Black-necked grebe (juv)

    Black-necked grebe (juv)

    Another shot of this delightful bird. I hope to do it again tomorrow, if it is still there.


  7. Grey Partridge - male

    Grey Partridge - male

    The other half of the pair I saw yesterday. They're in the same spot each afternoon and every time I see them he's standing guard over his mate constantly on the lookout.
  8. Grey Partridge - female

    Grey Partridge - female

    One of a pair that have been in the same spot each time I've visited in the last week. Today they were crouched down low in between the tussocky grass of the salt marsh sheltering fom the gales and hailstones. In between the showers the sun came out briefly at just the right moment for a few photos.
  9. Grey Partridge - male

    Grey Partridge - male

    Taken late evening just as the sun was setting. One of six that landed on the saltmarsh close to where I was parked up. They even shuffled closer to the car before settling down to rest. I think this one must have been on guard as the rest laid down.
  10. Redpoll Red-Breast

    Redpoll Red-Breast

    This male lesser redpoll has certainly been drawing in the crowds as of late, and understandably too. It is such a beautiful and vivid coloured bird.
  11. Lesser Redpoll - male

    Lesser Redpoll - male

    One of around a dozen seen this morning. This flock has been feeding in larch trees at this loation for around two weeks now.
  12. Lesser Redpoll

    Lesser Redpoll

    Bit of a close up! Pity she's a messy eater. Crop!! 1/1000, f8, iso800
  13. Lesser Redpoll

    Lesser Redpoll

    This looks a bit 'staged' to me but I do like the light! Very small crop 1/1000, f8, iso800


    One more shot [for now] of one of the many lovely females present all last week.
  15. albino moorhen

    albino moorhen

  16. Ruddy Shelduck

    Ruddy Shelduck

  17. A Pink foot surprise

    A Pink foot surprise

    The other day at martinmere I was really surprised to see about a dozen pink footed geese right outside the swan link hide. Usually they are way off in the fields. Took the opportunity to get some close head shots.
  18. Kingfisher


    One of its favourite perches at the sluice gates on the North Wall. (S)he kept fishing from this rail but wouldn't turn round for a front view
  19. Grey Heron Stalking

    Grey Heron Stalking

    Found this Heron in a tranquil backwater of the old Thames near Wallingford, South Oxfordshire.
  20. Fly or rather perch by wire Buzzard

    Fly or rather perch by wire Buzzard

    Buzzard caught in early evening light at Folly Gate, West Devon.
  21. Black-necked Grebe (2)

    Black-necked Grebe (2)

    The two birds together part of their breeding display. They were also carrying bit's of reed and twig to each other.
  22. Black-necked Grebe

    Black-necked Grebe

    Last one I promise! It's so seldom I see these that I took a few photos ;)