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eurasian coot

  1. Coot Family

    Coot Family

  2. Eurasian Coot

    Eurasian Coot

  3. I've had a long day

    I've had a long day

    Eurasian Coot stretching and drying it's wings
  4. SF:  'I don't think he saw me'

    SF: 'I don't think he saw me'

    Australian Spotted Crake and Eurasian Coot
  5. 1550 Coot BF.jpg

    1550 Coot BF.jpg

  6. coot.. SF....

    coot.. SF....

    Another one trying to get in on the act...
  7. Coot


  8. Another red eye

    Another red eye

    This Coot came so close I had to take a picture of him!
  9. Also at home

    Also at home

    I rather liked the colours in the water where this Eurasian Coot was hanging out. A different subspecies to the ones I see back home, but I'd struggle to work out what the difference is!
  10. Destroyer


    We weren't far off completing our loop around the lake when we first saw a Hoary-headed Grebe, then noticed a Coot on what was obviously a grebe nest. I can't remember now who first realised, but it became clear that the coot was destroying the nest, or maybe it was stealing the nesting...
  11. There were youngsters as well

    There were youngsters as well

    Near the adult Coot I showed you yesterday, was obviously one of his youngsters, looking really confident too.
  12. Showing a leg

    Showing a leg

    We were now in the parking area for these ponds and here was a Coot and yes, the same species as we get in Europe, though a different subspecies.
  13. I'll sort him out!!!

    I'll sort him out!!!

    The image immediately after my yesterday's coot picture I got this. I'm sure he's trying to get rid of his rival!!! So that's my Saturday Fun entry.
  14. Admiring his reflection?

    Admiring his reflection?

    Much improved lighting conditions for this Coot. This is the Australian subspecies of the coot I see in Scotland.
  15. One from home

    One from home

    .... except it's a different subspecies LOL! Not far from the Maned Ducks I spotted this Eurasian Coot foraging away on the grass too.
  16. Please feed me!

    Please feed me!

    From my last field outing, in September 2019. At the Country Park pond there's a platform from which little kids like to feed unsuitable foodstuffs, like bread, to the ducks. Some of the Coots have decided that they're ducks too, and as soon as this bird saw me and my brother, it started...
  17. Grazers


    After our cruise, we found our hotel for the night and had another wonderful meal in their dining room. I was awake early and wandered down to the riverside to see what was about, spending a minute or two watching a small ferry plying back and fro across the river. Why is this always such a...
  18. eurasian coot

    eurasian coot

  19. Widespread


    We moved downstream to the town of Mannum and after a lovely cafe lunch, made our way down to the river for the next adventure Peter had lined up for me. I found some Coots grazing the grass in front of a house, and here's just three of them.
  20. Ol' Red Eye

    Ol' Red Eye

    Upstream of the weir there was a huge carpet of leaves on the water, every now and then the current broke some free and they crossed the weir floating away downstream. My Coot today is swimming past some of them.
  21. Widespread


    By widespread I mean this is a species that is found from northern Europe through Asia, to Australia and New Zealand. Made me feel quite at home really LOL
  22. Coot


    My set today is all about the water. This one in particular brought to my mind a beer jingle from way back in the early days of television ads (well, maybe not the early days, but the 60's, when our family finally bought a tv). "It's the water, the water, the water, the water, that makes...
  23. Three different water birds

    Three different water birds

    Coot, Ibis and Whistling Ducks... pretty cool eh?
  24. Neat!


    Well, I think he is. The next day we were off to the rather attractive Tygum Park which has a large lake in it. Loads of birds on and around, so I'll start with this Eurasian Coot.
  25. Australia meets

    Australia meets

    .... Europe with this Eurasian Coot. What was it with so many of the species busy preening themselves when I wanted to take thair picture. So far as I can find out this isn't an introduced species but a subspecies of the one we see in Europe.