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eurasian jackdaw

  1. I'm bigger than you -

    I'm bigger than you -

    - get away from my patch! I'm glad I managed to catch that bit of action. TTTW
  2. Sentinel


    Rather a distant shot this one, more an attempt to zoom in to see what it was sitting on a rather distant neighbour's roof in the next street. I'd not seen one for a bit, but they seem to be coming back again now, but just the odd one.
  3. Jackdaw_230721(3).JPG


  4. Jackdaw_230721(2).JPG


  5. Jackdaw_230721(1).JPG


    Jackdaw (Corvus Monedula) catching food.
  6. Getting brave

    Getting brave

    This was the first time I'd seen a Jackdaw on the pole feeder so just had to take his picture. Not seen one there since though LOL TTTW
  7. They sure get their timings right

    They sure get their timings right

    My local Jackdaws really seem to know when I put the feed out now, as they're ready and waiting and generally the first to come down. Well, that was the case in March, when I took this picture, now the Starlings have finally fledged it's them.... in huge numbers LOL TTTW
  8. Surrounded by food

    Surrounded by food

    I get quite a lot of Jackdaws visiting nowadays, for years it was just an occasional visitor, now there's up to 5 of them. One of them has now found my tray feeder and ends up chucking the seeds all over the place! Yet to catch him on camera doing it though. TTTW
  9. Thieving Jackdaw

    Thieving Jackdaw

    a couple of jackdaws singled out the white ones in a herd of fallow deer to 'feather' their nest; the deer slept through it! More blue than grey, this bird.
  10. Eurasian Jackdaw

    Eurasian Jackdaw

    I discovered this when processing some pics of feral pigeons rather aimlessly fired off during a dull interlude, and more or less forgotten about. It was only the pale iris that made the penny drop: this was not an "underexposed pigeon" but a Jackdaw. They hadn't really been on my radar: I...
  11. Intercepting signals

    Intercepting signals

    I wonder what television programme is his favourite. One of the Jackdaws that have been making virtually daily visits to the dining table this last month or so. Another dull day though. TTTW
  12. Jackdaw Suet Catch 3

    Jackdaw Suet Catch 3

  13. Jackdaw Suet Catch 2

    Jackdaw Suet Catch 2

  14. Jackdaw Suet Catch 1

    Jackdaw Suet Catch 1

  15. Breakfast on the go

    Breakfast on the go

    Three or four Jackdaws swooped in for snatch and grab breakfast. Got this one as he was about to take off again.
  16. jackdaw


  17. Jackdaw with Peanut.JPG

    Jackdaw with Peanut.JPG

    A Jackdaw flying off with peanut held in its beak. https://vimeo.com/474246133
  18. Jackdaw Bread Catch.JPG

    Jackdaw Bread Catch.JPG

    A Jackdaw attempting to intercept (catch) a piece of bread.
  19. Jackdaw 9316 .jpg

    Jackdaw 9316 .jpg

    Jackdaw...Showing off the birds ear.q
  20. Eurasian Jackdaw

    Eurasian Jackdaw

  21. 1502 Jackdaw BF.jpg

    1502 Jackdaw BF.jpg

    One of many based in the churchyard
  22. Jackdaw 6408 (2).jpg

    Jackdaw 6408 (2).jpg

  23. N01_4841.jpg


  24. That's close enough

    That's close enough

    Jackdaws are always fun to watch, and attractive corvids too. I'm always pleased to see them arrive. These two were on top of my neighbour's roof.
  25. Finishing up

    Finishing up

    This Jackdaw seems to have missed the main breakfast event, just arriving in time to clear up what had been left by the hordes of Starlings and Sparrows etc. TTTW