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eurasian wigeon

  1. On a cold sunny day

    On a cold sunny day

    But before we had a major snowfall, so the ducks were still able to forage on shore alongside the fjord. Two wigeons were hanging out with the mallards at the mouth of one of the few streams that hadn't frozen over, and occasionally making a foraging foray up on the lawns of a fjordside...
  2. Wigeon


  3. Eurasian x American Wigeon

    Eurasian x American Wigeon

    This intriguing hybrid has apparently returned for its fourth winter to the same spot. Although closely resembling a molting Eurasian Wigeon, note the dark flecking on the face of this bird, visible at close range. This feature is typical of American Wigeon but not Eurasian. It also shows...
  4. Sometimes it's not really worth it

    Sometimes it's not really worth it

    All I could make out through the mist were Whooper Swans and Eurasian Wigeon. What the rest were I've no idea. Wish I could make such images as good as Ove can!! Saturday Fun Gawd... the new pills the doc started me on yesterday seem strong enough to deaden the pain somewhat, but playing...
  5. Female Eurasian Wigeon

    Female Eurasian Wigeon

  6. Eurasian Wigeon

    Eurasian Wigeon

  7. Female Eurasian Wigeon

    Female Eurasian Wigeon

  8. Lakescape-848


    With their integrated searchlight on the forehead ... they are easy to spot in the sprawling wetland ... Eurasian Wigeon Mareca penelope World Wetlands Day Sultanpur National Park Gurugram : Haryana India 2 February 2023
  9. Eurasian Wigeon

    Eurasian Wigeon

  10. Eurasian Wigeon

    Eurasian Wigeon

    An individual with a rather unusual head pattern
  11. Male Eurasian wigeon

    Male Eurasian wigeon

  12. Male Eurasian wigeon

    Male Eurasian wigeon

  13. Wigeon


    On one of my first outings here with other birders I gathered that Wigeons were something of a sensation. Not exactly rare, but uncommon. I'm happy to say that their numbers are rising, at least here in town. Now we regularly see them, aside from the brief breeding season when they're up in the...
  14. Wigeon


    Not sure if this one is a female or a male in female plumage. The males "cross-dress" for a while, until they put their breeding colors on again in late Winter, early Spring.
  15. Hungry


    Female wigeon, also focused on food.
  16. Focused


    on food.
  17. Hear me roar!

    Hear me roar!

    Male Eurasian Wigeons whistle, actually pretty close to the "wolf whistle" human men plague women with sometimes. Females growl. In human terms, all the males are almost toxically masculine and females are all feminists ;)
  18. Putting on the charm

    Putting on the charm

    I read recently that something like 80% of the species we have in ... was it the UK or Norway? I don't recall, but it's probably both ... that are in population decline in recent decades. Oddly enough, a few species are on the rise locally. Wigeons were a fairly rare sight here back when I was a...
  19. Wigeon (M) in the snow

    Wigeon (M) in the snow

    Wigeon (M) in the snow
  20. wigeon


  21. Eurasian Wigeon in Canada

    Eurasian Wigeon in Canada

  22. Wigeon in drag?

    Wigeon in drag?

    I think this is a young male, with male plumage just beginning to come in to gradually replace the basic (eclipse and female) plumage. Sorry I'm not caught up browsing. Was going to do that now, but find I'm exhausted - falling asleep over the keyboard. I'll have to catch up tomorrow.
  23. Eurasian Wigeons

    Eurasian Wigeons

    They arrive in small flocks along with other Migratory Birds every year starting from October .
  24. Eurasian Wigeon

    Eurasian Wigeon

  25. Eurasian Wigeon

    Eurasian Wigeon

    This handsome adult male is showing a bit of the iridescent green outlined in black on its secondaries. Usually visible only in flight or when the wing is spread, this patch of color is often called the "speculum" in ducks. The solid white patch on the upperwing coverts indicates an adult...