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european bee-eater

  1. before sunset

    before sunset

    they decided to come down and rest after flying almost all day resting only at very long and dense trees, they are over the city since yesterday. welcome werwars we love you so much. werwar= bee eater in Arabia. hope you like it.
  2. Bee-eater.jpg


    The beautiful colors of this bird dance in the wind.
  3. European bee-eaters

    European bee-eaters

    photo taken at a small bee-eater colony, about 25 km from where we live
  4. European Bee-eater

    European Bee-eater

  5. DSC09298.jpg


    European bee-eater
  6. Bee-eater


  7. PSX_20201226_160358.jpg


  8. Bee-eater


  9. 42-Guêpier d'Europe Merops apiaster European Bee-eater- 22 août 2013.jpg

    42-Guêpier d'Europe Merops apiaster European Bee-eater- 22 août 2013.jpg

    Guêpier d'Europe - Merops apiaster - European Bee-eater
  10. European Bee Eater

    European Bee Eater

    Eurpoean Bee Eater coughing up a pellet.
  11. European bee eater

    European bee eater

    lots of them gliding everywhere over the city, but not today. hope another flock come soon. hope you like it.
  12. European bee-eater

    European bee-eater

    One of the last bee-eaters...
  13. European Bee-eater with Hoverfly

    European Bee-eater with Hoverfly

  14. European Bee-eater with Butterfly

    European Bee-eater with Butterfly

    The butterfly looks like a Small White
  15. Pair of European Bee-eaters

    Pair of European Bee-eaters

    Female on the right hand, male on the left one
  16. Bee-eaters mating

    Bee-eaters mating

  17. Preening time

    Preening time

  18. European Bee-eater

    European Bee-eater

  19. European Bee-eaters

    European Bee-eaters

  20. European Bee-eater

    European Bee-eater

  21. European Bee-eater

    European Bee-eater

    I love its pose.
  22. In flagranti 5.

    In flagranti 5.

  23. In flagranti 4.

    In flagranti 4.

  24. In flagranti 3.

    In flagranti 3.

  25. In flagranti 2.

    In flagranti 2.