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european greenfinch

  1. Green?


    They seem more yellow to me. But then, "red" in bird names usually also covers orange in modern color terms, because the word orange came into the English language later than most bird names. Kind of interesting how language "colors" our perceptions of color. Anyhooo .... here's a handsome...
  2. European greenfinch

    European greenfinch

  3. Greenfinch


  4. Swing time

    Swing time

    There seemed to be a bit of "push, pull" going on with this feeder, as it was swinging around a bit. Not sure if the House Sparrow knew the Greenfinch was on the other side LOL Saturday Fun
  5. Common garden varieties 6 - last but no longer least

    Common garden varieties 6 - last but no longer least

    Greenfinch numbers were waaaay down a few years ago, after a late Spring frost withered the just-pollinated blueberry blossoms. Blueberries, and freeze-dried overripe blueberry "raisins" left hanging on the shrubs, are apparently an important winter forage source for seed-eating birds here...
  6. Green


    Having spent most of the summer season out of town, I missed seeing the Dippers and Yellow Wags at Ilabekken. So on Aug 24 I thought I'd trek over there just in case some were still in the area. They weren't. But I did see this rather pretty Greenfinch drinking by the pond at the bottom of the park.
  7. Time to get goin'!

    Time to get goin'!

    Greenfinches in my back yard had me distracted for a bit as I got ready to hike to Leangenbukta in hopes of seeing waders.
  8. European greenfinch

    European greenfinch

  9. Guess who came for dinner - 2

    Guess who came for dinner - 2

    Waxwings and Fieldfares aren't the only ones who come for the wee apple berries. The Greenfinches eat them too. Mostly they eat the nubbins the bigger birds leave on the fruit stems, but occasionally they try a whole berry. The berries are just a tad too big for them to swallow whole, so they...
  10. SF3 - Who says we don't mind the weather?

    SF3 - Who says we don't mind the weather?

    It may not make me blue, but it sure makes me grumpy. And that feeder is almost empty again, just so you know! Sorry I'm not caught up browsing. I'm using this rainy day to catch up on an embroidery project, but I need breaks from the tiny stitches now and then. I'll catch up on browsing this...
  11. SF2 - Standing (on each other) room only

    SF2 - Standing (on each other) room only

    It doesn't take many minutes. Soon as I refill and rehang the feeder, the Sparrows and Greenfinches are back to empty it. That doesn't take many minutes either, even if the feeder does take about a gallon of seeds.
  12. "Noisy brats!"

    "Noisy brats!"

    "What were their parents thinking, letting them swim on their own with no lifeguard on duty, and splashing about so an adult can't drink in peace!"
  13. Hey! That's OUR feeder!

    Hey! That's OUR feeder!

    Greenfinch with raised crest, watching the Tree Sparrow at the feeder. Not looking grumpy for once, however.
  14. OK, I guess they really are green

    OK, I guess they really are green

    Sorta. Some of them, at least. Although mostly I think of them as yellow. (formerly Carduelis chloris)
  15. European greenfinch

    European greenfinch

    Close-up of a european greenfinch
  16. Not all that green, are they?

    Not all that green, are they?

    Yellowfinch? Brownfinch? Brassfinch? Bronzefinch? I really don't see where the "green" name comes from. Pretty birds, though. And they have some lovely, delicate songs that go almost unnoticed ... until the descending screech finale.
  17. How to... (SF)

    How to... (SF)

    .... make a mess of a new species for the garden!! Take it sideways through the double-glazing! After my neighbours lowered the hedge by a few feet I noticed that they'd got feeders hanging from their tree. Last year was the first time I'd seen/heard any Greenfinches at all in the area, just...
  18. Greenfinch in the snow

    Greenfinch in the snow

    Three reprocessed images from 2916 today. It's been darkness and rain all week.
  19. Greenfinch 9999.jpg

    Greenfinch 9999.jpg

  20. Greenfinch 3821 .jpg

    Greenfinch 3821 .jpg

  21. female greenfinch.jpg

    female greenfinch.jpg

  22. female greenfinch

    female greenfinch

  23. Smiling ... almost

    Smiling ... almost

    Sorry again folks. Been busy busy busy. Now experiencing BF withdrawal symptoms so better get my browsing done tomorrow. Supposed to be sleet tomorrow anyway, so a good day to sit at home at the computer. Meanwhile, for your patience, here's a Greenfinch not looking grumpy.
  24. greenfinch


  25. greenfinch