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european robin

  1. Our beloved Robin The Redbreast.jpg

    Our beloved Robin The Redbreast.jpg

    This delightful image was captured several years back. It's one of my favourite Robin shots.
  2. Robin


    Robin at RSPB Leighton Moss Lancashire.
  3. 1613 Robin BF.jpg

    1613 Robin BF.jpg

    Would not look at me
  4. 1F5F3E79-FE42-4105-AD00-B36AF06D20A2.jpeg


    My 9 year old was enjoying taking pictures of this Robin today.
  5. One of the new resident Robins enjoying the new feeding station

    One of the new resident Robins enjoying the new feeding station

  6. Robin


    Our Little Robin let’s me know when the feeders are running low. TTW.
  7. Blending in

    Blending in

    The autumnal colours are reflected in the birds as well I think. It really was a lovely sight seeing these two sitting so close together with the autumn leaves and fruits. BTW the Gallery Search is not working properly at the moment and is only picking up items in the Tags field (the luggage...
  8. Robin 2015 A.jpg

    Robin 2015 A.jpg

  9. Robin


  10. Red in the blue (European Robin)

    Red in the blue (European Robin)

    I heard a Robin singing and eventually found him at the top of a tree outside my window. He stopped singing when I was photographing him though, guess he was just having a good look around.
  11. PETTI_3.jpg


    Robin in the night
  12. PETTI_2.jpg


    Robin in the night
  13. PETTI_1.jpg


    Robin in the night
  14. Robin


    I actually started the feeding and this is the first visitor
  15. Peekaboo!


    Good thing I'm not red-green colorblind or I'd never see this sneaky one at all. Yesterday s/he was perched out in the open on the terrace bannister, but by the time I'd grabbed my camera s/he'd ducked into deep cover again. Oh well ... One of these days I'll get a good, clear shot.
  16. European Robin

    European Robin

    Heavy crop. Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  17. Concentrating


    We'd hit a fine spell of weather in April and here I was back down on the river walk. And here was a cheeky wee Robin ready to greet me at the beginning of the path.
  18. What? Not?

    What? Not?

    ... or a possibly killed but still venemous wasp, delivered by this Robin. I actually didn't want either. Their chicks were welcome to it. I just got home from shopping other groceries. Unappetizing as the bird's offerings were, the thought of them is making me hungry. Gotta make dinner now...
  19. Spicy dinner :eek!:

    Spicy dinner :eek!:

    Finished sewing the lining for son's bunad trousers. Cleared away the sewing machine so we can use the dining room table the next couple of days. Potato salad and sponge for first cake done. Two pies planned. Three items left on the shopping list for tomorrow. Possibly more baking for Sunday...
  20. Young Robin

    Young Robin

    Away to my bed, see you in the morning folks. Thank you for your comments on my pictures, and good birding! John
  21. Peekaboo


    Finally, my winter-visiting Robin made another appearance at a spot in the philadelphus shrub where I could see him.
  22. European Robin

    European Robin

    Hello folks, hope you are keeping safe and well. John
  23. Second showing

    Second showing

    Now and then, my winter-visiting Robin will show himself. This was only the second time this winter I've had a clear shot of him (or her).
  24. That one day

    That one day

    of the year when my winter-visiting Robin comes out in the open to have his portrait taken. Otherwise, he mostly skulks at the far side of the shrubs where I can only catch glimpses of him through the thicket of branches.
  25. Keeping an eye on me

    Keeping an eye on me

    The end of my route took me along a stretch of the Lade Trail along the fjordshore, just up to the first little bay, Korsvika. This Robin clearly "owned" that stretch of trail, keeping an eye on me the whole distance. Another birder I met seemed to be familiar with him too.