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european robin

  1. robin


  2. singing in the wind

    singing in the wind

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
  3. Christmas Wishes!

    Christmas Wishes!

    Wishing everyone at BirdForum a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that you all have a great time and plenty of 'lifers'. This Robin was a 'lifer' for me (when I visited the UK in Sept/Oct this year to see my sisters) taken at the Sidmouth Parish Church.
  4. robin


  5. European Robin

    European Robin

  6. What am I supposed to do now? SF

    What am I supposed to do now? SF

    This Robin, not long out of the nest, looks rather dejected and confused. Room service has suddenly been withdrawn, and now it has to work out how to find its own food. Thank you for your kind comments on my pictures, and good birding! John
  7. 1cy European Robin

    1cy European Robin

  8. A spot of Spring sunshine

    A spot of Spring sunshine

  9. Hiding, as usual

    Hiding, as usual

    Most Winters I get a Robin wintering over in my garden, and like most Winters, last Winter's robin tended to hide deep in the Philadelphus bush. What is it Delia calls birds who do this sort of thing? Ratbags? OK. Off to bed. Tomorrow morning I finish packing my carry-ons, including the...
  10. Cooling off or hiding?

    Cooling off or hiding?

    Another shot from that hot day. I don't recall it being oppressively hot, but judging by these shots it must've been. I'm not absolutely sure, however, whether this juvenile Robin was trying to cool off, sunning himself, or trying to blend more into the duff and dirt. I have some shots of him up...
  11. House-hunting Robin SF

    House-hunting Robin SF

    For several days a Robin took a strong interest in this motorbike, which seems to have been abandoned half-hidden by vegetation (it doesn't look roadworthy). The bird would mess around on the ground and repeatedly fly up on to the machine. Possibly it was checking it out for a potential nesting...
  12. robin


  13. European Robin

    European Robin

  14. European Robin

    European Robin

    Taken at the bottom of the garden this morning the heavy mist made it look very bright
  15. European Robin

    European Robin

    In my garden this morning awaiting the seed to be put out
  16. Which way is up?

    Which way is up?

    An unsatisfying pic which I took this summer but never bothered to process until now. Only suitable for Saturday Fun! The shot was taken from 3 floors up, looking down at a steep angle at the bird which was atop a neighbour's garden fence. Even knowing that, I still find it visually confusing...
  17. European Robin

    European Robin

  18. European Robin

    European Robin

  19. Feeding Time!

    Feeding Time!

  20. Robin


    with snow on his bill. As I recall, that was from picking at a snow-covered fat-and-seed ball. Sorry I've only barely done any browsing today. I'll have to catch up with you after my lecture tomorrow.
  21. Obliging


    On a walk through the botanical garden, I stopped with some other birders and waited for the crossbills to drop down and forage on fallen cones. We could hear them up above us, but up there they stayed. This Robin was more obliging, however, especially since he saw us dropping crumbs from our...
  22. Triangle


    This Robin sat quite still as I carefully zoomed in and out to get the triangle of branches to frame him (or her) in the shot.
  23. Red


    Finishing off the color series from Sunday.
  24. European Robin

    European Robin

  25. European robin

    European robin