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evening grosbeak

  1. I don't get these very often.

    I don't get these very often.

  2. Taking A Refreshing Drink

    Taking A Refreshing Drink

    This female Evening Grosbeak came for a drink at my birdbath.
  3. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    One from the archives. This was taken last summer just before the sun went down. He was perch up in tree scoping out the area.
  4. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    A male, part of a number of small flocks that are roaming around this area this Winter,
  5. Today's Rainy Visitor

    Today's Rainy Visitor

    It has become rare for me to see these guys, especially on my property. I think that I have been seeing the females for a few days but this is a first sighting of the male--a momentary thrill.
  6. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    I took the dog for a walk tonight into the gully behind our place, we call it a gully wump lol. I always take the camera and thank goodness I did this guy was in the open and in great light. I did not ever expect to see another grosbeak, but I am happy I did thats for sure.
  7. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    I decided to head to Cools Pond for a short after work visit. I have not been there for a few weeks and thought some new visitors may be there. I did not expect to have a first encounter. I have never seen a Grosbeak before and tried to capture a clear image in the dark tree cover. I love Cools...
  8. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    While shooting the Red-naped Sapsucker, this group of 4 (3 male and 1 female) Evening Grosbeak suddenly came into sight, over 50 foot away. Hurried for a few shots, and they were gone. This is among the best one I managed. I had some hesitation in determine the crop, but finally I decided to...
  9. Evening Grosbeaks

    Evening Grosbeaks

    A male and female pair of Evening Grosbeaks came to the feeder this morning.
  10. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow

    One of my absolute favorite feathered visitors! I actually have 3 pairs that visit my feeders! :) LOVE these birds!
  11. Evening Grosbeak (females)

    Evening Grosbeak (females)

    This is a shot of two of the female Evening Grosbeaks from todays trip.
  12. Evening Grosbeak (male)

    Evening Grosbeak (male)

    Took a trip north to lower Adirondak Mountains today in search of Evening Grosbeaks again. Found these beautiful winter finches at a feeder in the small Adirondak town of Stoney Creek, NY which is at about 2400 ft. elevation. There were also many Common Redpolls and a few immature Whitewinged...
  13. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    I liked this shot even tho you don't really see the face, I like the way it shows off those white patches on the grosbeaks back.
  14. A Sip of Summer!

    A Sip of Summer!

    Hi Folks! Yes...I'm still alive. I've been busy working alot of hours and when weather permits...being out there enjoying my surroundings. As you can see, my Evening Grosbeaks have still been one of my favorite daily visitors!
  15. "What makes you think I'm drinking the bathwater??"

    "What makes you think I'm drinking the bathwater??"

    Can't a girl drool without being accused of drinking the bathwater?? Not the most "natural" setting for the water theme, but I was so happy to see the Grosbeaks!!
  16. YAY.....They like my new feeders!!!

    YAY.....They like my new feeders!!!

    We put some new feeders out in my backyard so I can enjoy them from the deck and I am trying to make a little garden surrounding the two feeder poles and the birdbath. I am pleased with the results of my guest list!!!
  17. Evening Grosbeak (Male)

    Evening Grosbeak (Male)

  18. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    These birds are just beautifully awesome! They are sporadic visitors to my feeders throughout the entire year, so I never know when they will decide to show! Unfortunely, this picture doesn't do it justice. Hopefully, they will visit again soon!
  19. Hoar frost Delight

    Hoar frost Delight

  20. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak

    I was very surprised to see this male Evening Grosbeak here in Colorado high country in January. He is very colorful in the snow.
  21. Evening Grosbeak ( Male )

    Evening Grosbeak ( Male )

    See description on other image: this post
  22. Evening Grosbeak ( Male )

    Evening Grosbeak ( Male )

    This is one for the life list. Had spent the day in an area called "Trail of 100 Giants": a stand of Giant Sequoias, at about 7800 ft. elevation. My brother and I descided to continue on to a small mountain hamlet called "Ponderosa"; population about 200. There we had a...
  23. Evening Grosbeak female

    Evening Grosbeak female

    I posted an image of a male the other day - here's a female that was in the same small group.
  24. Evening Grosbeak male

    Evening Grosbeak male

    Numbers wintering here in NS have markedly declined in the last 10+ years, but more are staying now to nest.
  25. Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak