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family nymphalidae

  1. Variegated Fritillary

    Variegated Fritillary

    Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 4.4-5.7 cm (1.75- 2.25 in).
  2. White Peacock Pair

    White Peacock Pair

    White Peacock pair (Anartia jatrophae luteipicta: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 5.1-7.0 cm (2.0-2.8 in).
  3. Sara Longwing

    Sara Longwing

    Sara Longwing (Heliconius sara: Nymphalidae) A striking difference from the open wing view. Wingspan: 5.5-6.0 cm (2.2-2.4 in).
  4. Hackberry Emperor

    Hackberry Emperor

    Hackberry Emperor (Asterocampa celtis: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 5.1-6.4 cm (2.0-2.5 in).
  5. Monarch Female

    Monarch Female

    Monarch (Danaus plexippus: Danaidae) female. Wingspan 8.9-10.2 cm (3.5-4.0 in). Treated in the family Nymphalidae by some taxonomists. She is perched on giant ragweed.
  6. Two Monarchs and One Queen

    Two Monarchs and One Queen

    Two Monarchs (Danaus plexippus: Danaidae), upper left and right. Wingspan 8.9-10.2 cm (3.5-4.0 in). One Queen (Danaus gilippus: Danaidae), lower left. Wingspan 7.6- 8.9 cm (3.0-3.5 in). Some authors place these two species in the Nymphalidae family. They are nectaring Tropical Milkweed...
  7. Red Admiral

    Red Admiral

    Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 4.4-6.4 cm (1.75-2.50 in).
  8. Gray Cracker

    Gray Cracker

    Gray Cracker (Hamadryas februa ferentina: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 7.0-8.6 cm (2.8-3.4 in).
  9. Question Mark, summer form

    Question Mark, summer form

    Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis: Nymphalidae) summer form. Wingspan 5.7-7.6 cm (2.25-3.0 in).
  10. Hecale Longwing

    Hecale Longwing

    Hecale Longwing (Heliconius hecale zuleika: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 5.0-6.1 cm (2.0-2.4 in). It is also commonly called Tiger Longwing along with a plethora of other common names, in part because it is represented by an amazing 29 subspecies.
  11. American Painted Lady

    American Painted Lady

    American Painted Lady (Vanessa virginiensis: Nymphalidae) nectaring bastard cabbage (Rapistrum rugosum: Brassicaceae). Wingspan 4.4-6.4 cm (1.75-3.5 in).
  12. Gulf Fritillary

    Gulf Fritillary

    Gulf Fritillary (Dione vanillae: Nymphalidae) also known as Passion Butterfly. Wingspan 6.4-8.1 cm (2.5-3.2 in).It is nectaring purpletop vervain (Verbena bonariensis).
  13. Variable Cracker

    Variable Cracker

    Variable Cracker (Hamadryas feronia: Nymphalidae) Wingspan ca. 6.9 cm (2.7 in).
  14. Montane Longwing

    Montane Longwing

    Montane Longwing (Heliconius clysonymus montanus: Nymphalidae) Wingspan ca, 7.6 cm (3.0 in).
  15. Bordered Patch

    Bordered Patch

    Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia: Nymphalidae) wingspan 4.4-5.7 cm (1.75-2.25 in). One of the not so common morphs of this species.
  16. Brownish Cracker

    Brownish Cracker

    Brownish Cracker (Hamadryas iphthime: Nymphalidae) also known as a blue cracker. Wingspan ca. 7.5 cm (3.0 in).
  17. Banded Peacock

    Banded Peacock

    Banded Peacock (Anartia fatima: Nymphalidae) Wingspan: 5.1-7.0 cm (2.0-2.8 in).
  18. Five-spotted Longwing

    Five-spotted Longwing

    Five-spotted Longwing (Heliconius hecalesia formosa: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 5.0-6.1 cm (2.0-2.4 in).
  19. Red Cracker

    Red Cracker

    Red Cracker (Hamadryas amphibole mexicana: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 6.9-7.4 cm (2.7-2.9 in). The red in its name comes from the ventral surface of its wings as viewed with closed wings.
  20. Poecile Checkerspot

    Poecile Checkerspot

    Poecile Checkerspot (Chlosyne poecile: Nympalidae) Wingspan ca. 5.4 cm (2.1 in).
  21. Orion Cecropian

    Orion Cecropian

    Orion Cecropian (Historis odius: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 8.9-11.4 cm (3.5-4.5 in).
  22. Crimson-patched Longwing

    Crimson-patched Longwing

    Crimson-patched Longwing (Heliconius erato petiverana: Nymphalidae) Wingspan is 5.5-8.0 cm (2.2-3.1 in).
  23. Dark-eyed Butterfly

    Dark-eyed Butterfly

    Dark-eyed Butterfly (Caligo brasiliensis: Nymphalidae) Also known as the 
Brazilian Owl Butterfly. This large butterfly has a wingspan 14.5-17.0 cm (5.7-6.7 in).
  24. Banded Longwing

    Banded Longwing

    Banded Longwing (Dryadula phaetusa: Nymphalidae) Wingspan 8.6-8.9 cm (3.4-3.6 in). Photographed on Lantana.
  25. Purple-stained Daggerwing

    Purple-stained Daggerwing

    Purple-stained Daggerwing (Marpesia marcella valletta: Nymphalidae) Also known as the Pansy Daggerwing. Wingspan 4.4-5.1 cm (1.75-2.0 in).