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fly agaric

  1. The Gathering Seat

    The Gathering Seat

    Fly Agaric https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  2. Unfit for human consumption

    Unfit for human consumption

    Unless you like tripping and getting poorly. It has hallucinogenic qualities. Can be dangerous, as are the other amanites.
  3. Fly Agaric Just For Doux

    Fly Agaric Just For Doux

    Had a bite of this one and suddenly i had some weird experiences!! ;); Did you have anything to do with this Mammadoux?
  4. Because I liked the vivid red of its cap.

    Because I liked the vivid red of its cap.

    I know this is a pretty common sight and one of the very few fungi I can safely identify, at least I hope so,but I liked its shiny, red cap.So here it is.
  5. Fly Agaric

    Fly Agaric

  6. Fly Agaric

    Fly Agaric

  7. 'Magical!......


    Hi all...not many birds around as weather cold and miserable....I was looking to take a photo of a Crimson Rosella in Gisborne and noticed that it was foraging around the base of an Oak tree in the Shire's parkland...went a bit closer and it flew off but then I saw this beautiful Toadstool!....I...
  8. Death on a stick.

    Death on a stick.

    This little beauty is not to be messed with, it can cause disturbances of consciousness, hallucinations and can sometimes be fatal........a bit like an ex girlfriend of mine!! (probably where the scientific name derived)!!
  9. Sheltering The Young

    Sheltering The Young

    One day youll grow up and be just as lethal as I am.
  10. Fly Agaric

    Fly Agaric

    Nice and deadly at the same time
  11. fly agaric

    fly agaric

    what a bonkers looking mushroom!
  12. Another Toadstool

    Another Toadstool

    this one was hard work, under Birch trees.
  13. Fly agaric

    Fly agaric

    Couldn't resist taking this.
  14. Fly Agaric

    Fly Agaric

    Just a pretty photo.