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  1. Whooping Cranes.

    Whooping Cranes.

    These flew over my house last week! Besides being rare just because what they are, they where a good was out of their normal range, and the first county record! I hope that's enough tags!
  2. Pheasant-tailed Jacana

    Pheasant-tailed Jacana

    Like all other jacanas they have elongated toes and nails that enable them to walk on floating vegetation in shallow lakes, their preferred habitat. They may also swim or wade in water reaching their body while foraging mainly for invertebrate prey. They are found in tropical Asia from Yemen in...
  3. Ring-billed Gull

    Ring-billed Gull

  4. Great Blue Heron - on the fly

    Great Blue Heron - on the fly

    I was taking pictures of a yellow crowned night heron and this bird came flying by! It's just a lucky shot as the backgrounds in this area are almost always full mangroves. However, I like the palm and grasses that are in this one.
  5. lift off

    lift off

    On the return from the local lagoons, I took the long way home. At first I thought it was vultures in the field until they lifted off. Got the vehicle stopped and window down just in time to get some flight shots.
  6. Brent Geese

    Brent Geese

    These geese gathered together for me to take a nice group photo:-)
  7. Brent Geese in flight

    Brent Geese in flight

  8. Buzzard in Flight

    Buzzard in Flight

  9. Pigeon fly by

    Pigeon fly by

  10. Andean Gull

    Andean Gull

    An adult in breeding plumage
  11. Asian Openbill in flight

    Asian Openbill in flight

    Full frame image of an Asian Openbill in flight
  12. Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl

    Golden hour time with a snowy owl.
  13. Into The Setting Sun

    Into The Setting Sun

    Birds flying towards the setting sun have always fascinated me. It is ever such a sight to behold. Here, cattle egrets fly off into the sunset after feeding in the fields.
  14. Tern


  15. Buzzard on the wing.

    Buzzard on the wing.

    The common buzzard (Buteo buteo) is a medium-to-large bird of prey whose range covers most of Europe and extends into Asia. Over much of its range, it is resident year-round, but birds from the colder parts of the northern hemisphere typically migrate south (some well into the southern...
  16. Egyptian Goose landing

    Egyptian Goose landing

    Egyptian goose landing on water on the long water in Kensington Garden London
  17. Over the bridge

    Over the bridge

    Young couple enjoying seeing a pair of Swans flew by on the bridge over the lake in Hyde Park
  18. Lone Mallard in flight

    Lone Mallard in flight

    Lone Male Mallard in flight coming in to land
  19. Mallard in Flight

    Mallard in Flight

    A group of Mallard over Hyde park
  20. Shoveler


  21. Tuck in your feet when it is cold

    Tuck in your feet when it is cold

    CCZone South Korea. Early in the morning just before the sun was up. Not overly sharp with the high ISO but captured the foot tuck. Our guide Nial Moore said they will do this in real cold weather. It was cold...my finger had trouble pressing the shutter button
  22. I D please

    I D please

    Not sure what this little one is called but was a hard one to photograph I spent all afternoon trudging through the bush only to get a sore neck itchy legs walking into lantana and squinting eyes looking into my cameras view finder tooo long only to capture a fleeting few by the time my eyes...
  23. Low flyer

    Low flyer

    Some more images from Skokholm but this time not puffins
  24. Graylag Goose

    Graylag Goose

  25. Canada Geese

    Canada Geese