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  1. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    Grey Heron Fishing
  2. Scale-throated earthcreeper entering burrow with a scorpion on its beak

    Scale-throated earthcreeper entering burrow with a scorpion on its beak

    Yesterday, while I was guiding a couple from Chile that came looking for the Chubut Steamer Duck, I found this nest on a cliff, next to the shore. I observed the male and female as they constantly carried food for their chicks. I was surprised to see how many scorpions they were able to find...
  3. Ashy Prinia With Food For Brood

    Ashy Prinia With Food For Brood

    Two wee birds uploads for today. This one is a full frame shot.
  4. Skylark with cranefly

    Skylark with cranefly

    Skylark perched on a post waiting to feed fledged juvenile on ground below.
  5. Let's Have Patience

    Let's Have Patience

    These two lapwings and the common sandpiper are waiting patiently by a pond for some food. They kept standing absolutely still and kept a vigil for quite some time.
  6. Yellow Wagtail

    Yellow Wagtail

    While walking around the lawns of a temple in Surat, this bird suddenly appeared, grabbed its food and flew away. Managed to get a shot.
  7. Looking for food!

    Looking for food!

    Searching the ground for any signs of food.
  8. Dunnock fledgling

    Dunnock fledgling

    Calling to parent for food.
  9. Food


    An unusually long antennae on the freshly caught Mayfly. Taken in a late spring shower.
  10. Food in the Mouth

    Food in the Mouth

    A Coppersmith Barbet relishing a fruit
  11. The Menu

    The Menu

    For completeness, I thought I'd put together and upload a composite image showing the goodies that the male Great Tit has been bringing to his mate (I don't think the young have hatched yet). It's become a bit of project over the last few weeks to really get to know this pair and observe their...
  12. the lady dines...

    the lady dines...

    nasty snowstorm in the New York area a few days ago so our small pals are all out looking for some "chow"...this little lady is no exception...
  13. Little Grebe feeding chick

    Little Grebe feeding chick

    Little Grebe / Dabchick feeding chick
  14. Reed Bunting Female

    Reed Bunting Female

    I have been trying to get a decent shot of one of these for ages , and one pops up right in front of me and has the decency for me to get my camera into action before flitting off, well chuffed when I got this.
  15. Fledgeling


    A house sparrow (Passer domesticus) fledgling asks for food from a parent on my garden fence.
  16. If you want it, you're going to have to take it!

    If you want it, you're going to have to take it!

    Very possessive Fieldfare
  17. Great Egret's Catch

    Great Egret's Catch

    Taken in San Francisco. Waited a good 30 minutes for it to find lunch!
  18. Great Crested Grebe and dinner!

    Great Crested Grebe and dinner!

    Taken at Paxton Pits nature reserve, this Grebe 'went large' to use a fast food saying. Yes it did finally eat the Tench, but it took a while!
  19. Aahhhh - a juicy lugworm!

    Aahhhh - a juicy lugworm!

    Curlew - Holywood Bank, Belfast Harbour. This one was showing off for the camera.
  20. bird in a basket

    bird in a basket

    taken in my backyard, so many things to eat,lol, i have very happy sparrows
  21. 3's a crowd

    3's a crowd

    watching fpr incoming ,
  22. can i have some?

    can i have some?

    sparrows actually share quite well,
  23. company is coming

    company is coming

    a very hungry group of sparrows, i should add they love my homemade birdfood,
  24. resting


    taking a break from lunch,
  25. on guard

    on guard

    taken in my backyard, every day occurance, i really enjoy watching them,