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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

fuji finepix hs50 exr

  1. Another dead tree fan!

    Another dead tree fan!

    Some female Black-faced Woodswallows were on yet another dead tree. I had to do a bit of work on this picture as it was very much against the light with hardly any detail.
  2. Goggles


    Aren't Silvereyes beautiful! So well named too with that broad white eyering.
  3. Fanning


    Thought not fully! Beautiful wee birds are these Rufous Fantails and quite captured my heart.
  4. A queen

    A queen

    Then his lady arrived. The female Regent Bowerbird has a black cap, replacing the male's red-spotted yellow crown. It is the main distinguishing feature from other similar looking females.
  5. Purr!


    Hans' forest waterhole was the only place I saw Green Catbird. A shame really as they're so colourful.
  6. Having a snoop

    Having a snoop

    Suddenly Hans and I noticed some different movement and there was a Lace Monitor (or Goanna) coming in for a drink. I've already shown you some of him drinking, so this is just a head shot when we first spotted him arriving.
  7. Ablaze


    These Red-browed Finches are so well named, aren't they. Quite unmistakeable with that red eyebrow. There was a pair of them at the waterhole I do believe I only saw these in Queensland.
  8. All brown

    All brown

    Even so I think this Brown Cuckoo-Dove is rather attractive, this time I managed to catch him as he too off.
  9. A stunner

    A stunner

    At least I think so. Surely Regent Bowerbirds deserve that title. He was the second visitor to the water hole that morning.
  10. Showing off

    Showing off

    The next day Hans took me to his forest waterhole. We had to stop on the way to fill some large containers with water. After getting me comfortably positioned behind some netting and getting the hole refilled, the first visitors were a couple of Lewin's Honeyeaters (think they were waiting for...
  11. Must be one of the prettiest

    Must be one of the prettiest

    ..... of raptors I think. At least I think they're beautiful. I'd managed to catch up with Ken by now and this guy came flying over to greet me. A wonderful and unforgettable sight for me.
  12. Black and white, but he's grey

    Black and white, but he's grey

    Of course everything I was seeing that first day was a Lifer. Not just the species, but the families.... we don't have parrots, miners and these dapper guys - butcherbirds. This is a Grey Butcherbird - rather neat, isn't he.
  13. All the colours

    All the colours

    A very pretty visitor to visitor Ken's garden, waiting to greet me on my first day in Australia. For some reason I'm unable to download pictures from my camera card to my laptop now. It wants me to 'format the card'. I seem to sort out one problem, only to be faced with another one or two LOL.
  14. Tossing it

    Tossing it

    Sorry folks... had a rather serious hiccup with my laptop the other day. Took it to the shop. he thought he'd fixed it, but when I went to collect it and he turned it on to show me what he'd done.... back it came with the same fault!! So he worked on it on his weekend off and returned it to me a...
  15. One of my little favourites

    One of my little favourites

    A pair of little Silvereyes popped in too. Aren't they wee sweethearts.
  16. Not quite fully

    Not quite fully

    ... fanned. But I'm sure I'll find you some later on. These wee guys look so lovely with their tails spread out, but also quite fierce when you see them head on. I rather fell in love with them.
  17. Told you he'd

    Told you he'd

    bring his lady along. It's the dark patch on the crown that is the ID feature for the female Regent Bowerbird.
  18. Emerald


    These Green Catbirds are the most beautiful colour I think. He showed well with the Regent Bowerbird behind him.
  19. Well-named


    A pair of Red-browed Finches came down and had a good old splash about. Not sure a better name could have been given to these guys and another Lifer for me.
  20. Surely not an LBJ

    Surely not an LBJ

    .... well he's a bit big for that, and such an attractive guy too, I thought. .... and a Lifer of course. A very nice looking bird this one, but is he a cuckoo or a dove LOL
  21. Isn't he handsome

    Isn't he handsome

    I reckon he was one of the stars to visit the water hole. Mind there were a few.... but he has to be up there somewhere LOL. He sometimes came with his girlfriend, so you'll no doubt get to see a picture of a female too at some point.
  22. They came in couples

    They came in couples

    ... well some did. The following day Hans took me to his forest waterhole deep in a dry rainforest. Setting me up on a newly purchased collapsible chair behind a screen. This had a hole cut into it for the camera lens to peek through. I started with my tried and trusted Fuji camera to ensure I...
  23. Looking a bit quiet

    Looking a bit quiet

    .... though maybe he's just building himself up for a good old giggle. Back in the garden, a Laughing Kookaburra had settled himself on the washing line overlooking the feeding and water bowls. Turned out this was one of his favourite perches.
  24. Hopper


    Hans took me on a conducted tour of the property and in the front paddock found a Red-necked Wallaby for me. I was lucky enough to get him on the move.
  25. Aloof


    Keeping his distance from that group I showed you yesterday was this Little Pied Cormorant, observing all from his post.