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fulica atra

  1. Eurasian Coot, youngster.

    Eurasian Coot, youngster.

  2. Eurasian Coot

    Eurasian Coot

  3. I've had a long day

    I've had a long day

    Eurasian Coot stretching and drying it's wings
  4. Eurasian Coots + Mallard Ducks

    Eurasian Coots + Mallard Ducks

    A couple of Coots & single pair of Mallard Ducks.
  5. 62-Foulque macroule Fulica atra Common Coot-12 juin 2020.jpg

    62-Foulque macroule Fulica atra Common Coot-12 juin 2020.jpg

    Foulque macroule - Fulica atra -Common Coot
  6. Fall-Winter - 57

    Fall-Winter - 57

    Fall-Winter - 57 A group of Ferruginous ducks ... ... winter visitors to Indian wetlands ... Eurasian Coot ... and Common Moorhen provide good size comparison in field conditions ... _________ Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur Rajasthan India 17 February 2020
  7. 1550 Coot BF.jpg

    1550 Coot BF.jpg

  8. coot.. SF....

    coot.. SF....

    Another one trying to get in on the act...
  9. Coot


  10. Eurasian Coot

    Eurasian Coot

  11. Splashing Coot

    Splashing Coot

    Love watching birds when they're having a bath.
  12. May I have the pleasure, madam?

    May I have the pleasure, madam?

    Spring is in the air - love is in the air. Well, very fine weather yesterday and Wolfgang and I went on a bike trip along a small creek called Ostbach (Eastern Creek). I originates in a nearby park and it flows into one of the German feeders of the Rhine. There are five ponds along the creek...
  13. Eurasian Coot

    Eurasian Coot

  14. Another graduate from the Ministry of Silly Walks...

    Another graduate from the Ministry of Silly Walks...

    Managed to get away from the video-editing for a walk at Laratinga on Saturday.
  15. Barn Swallow

    Barn Swallow

    I took this one a year ago in our town. I believe it's a male, but am ready to be corrected. These birds, along with House Martins & Swifts, fly around the square in front of the house all day long. Wiggie Woo (our dog) and I sit on the front step in the mornings watching them flit by and...
  16. Coot


  17. Coots


    This is four of the five Coots that had a bit of 'handbags at dawn' the other day. The big fella came out on top and the others scarpered in double quick time!
  18. Coot


    These little fellas look so docile 99% of the time but, when they square up to each other, they're anything but! There were 5 males involved in this fracas, it was way to close to us for me to get them all in shot, but this is one of my favourites.
  19. Coot - House building

    Coot - House building

    Our birding day last Tuesday yielded some great shots, and lots of firsts for me. However, the image that made me smile, and still does every time I look at it, is this one.
  20. Coot


    This lovely little coot was 'shipping water' in its hurry to get away from the bank of the lake on a windy day last week.
  21. Coot


  22. Photo finish....

    Photo finish....

    ... lane three by a bill!
  23. Common Coot, Fulica atra, Focha Comn

    Common Coot, Fulica atra, Focha Comn

    LUIS SITGES http://birdingtrekkingandnaturecom-luis.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/rutland-birdfair-august-2012.html
  24. Young Coots

    Young Coots

  25. Preening Coot

    Preening Coot