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  1. Wild Mushroom

    Wild Mushroom

    I came across this mushroom on one of my nature walks near Tokai Forest in the south suburbs of Cape Town. recognizing it only as a wild mushroom. unknown of its scientific name or if it is eatable or not. I would be grateful if someone in the know could advise the correct identification name...
  2. A Fungi I met in the woods

    A Fungi I met in the woods

    A cool looking Fungi.
  3. The Gathering Seat

    The Gathering Seat

    Fly Agaric https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  4. Fungi


    One of my favs to photograph and for something that doesn't move it's one of the move tricky in macro, most are so close to the floor it's time to drop like a starfish. fungi photography is like going to war and mostly they win lol, it's mostly ohhh my frickin knees. I'm hopeless at naming...
  5. Orange fungi

    Orange fungi

    Fungi on a log in the early morning
  6. No comment

    No comment

    I never said a word, honest
  7. Is this a Mush Duck???

    Is this a Mush Duck???

    On a tree in the garden
  8. autumnal colour composition part 5

    autumnal colour composition part 5

    nice colours found in the forest, too
  9. fly agaric red

    fly agaric red

  10. Fungi


    Clinging on a tree about 5' or 6' up the trunk. Looks nice but just how safe is it I wonder?
  11. Big mushroom?

    Big mushroom?

    There were a large number of these in a field at Fishers Green last Saturday but I wouldn't pick them cos I don't know enough about fungi in gneral to know if they were safe or not. This one was around 8" across though.
  12. Fungi


    Fungi (unknown)
  13. Fungi


    Fungi (like lots of people I find most fungi difficult to name and therefore do not try unless I'm sure)
  14. Fungi (unknown)

    Fungi (unknown)

    Fungi growing approx 4feet above ground on the trunk of a living tree. First time I've seen this. Unable to identify the fungi but for scale, the largest caps are about 3 to 4 inches diameter.
  15. A couple of Fungi

    A couple of Fungi

    Or should that be two Fungussies!!
  16. Fungi


  17. Fungi, The Panther

    Fungi, The Panther

  18. not a clue what it is

    not a clue what it is

    spotted in a church yard early this morning no idea what it is
  19. Fungi (chewed)

    Fungi (chewed)

    If you don't get up early enough in the morning, early fruits get well nibbled before you get there.
  20. Fungi


    Never seen this one before - quite high up on the trunk
  21. Fungi


    Depth of field lacking, but I'm learning
  22. Fungi


    Fungi growing on the side of a tree trunk
  23. Fungi


    Had some fun in the woods today!!! attempting a new subject for me - Fungi. Opinions (and tips) very welcome for my first attempt. I very soon realised that I should be lying flat on the ground to do this subject justice. The ground was pretty saturated (i.e. wet) so next time I'll take some...
  24. Fungi


  25. fungi


    two smaller fungi were next to the last upload