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  1. Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    The next day Ken took me to one of his favourite patches but on the way stopped off at Lindum Park to see what was around. Mostly stilts, but I didn't get a better picture of one than I'd already had, but as we were leaving I spotted this Gala, with colours like a pretty iced cake LOL
  2. Galahs


  3. Galah


  4. SF  'You look that way and I'll look down here!'

    SF 'You look that way and I'll look down here!'

    These two were getting a bit worried about being left by the adults but soon found them down the paddock digging up the horses sand menage, (they make quite a few holes in the sand which is covered in weeds and grass as we don't have horses any more). Hope you all get a smile!
  5. SF  "I didn't mean to scare you!"

    SF "I didn't mean to scare you!"

    Another SF......the Galah youngsters were trying to make friends with the Rainbow Lorikeets without much success. The action started at 9am and continued for most of the morning with the adults leaving the babies here, got heaps of photos! Hope you all enjoy and get a good laugh out of their...
  6. SF  'Ready, set, GO'

    SF 'Ready, set, GO'

    Sorry I missed yesterday but still SF.........this morning I had a flock of Galahs and their youngsters arrive at the kitchen window, they were up to all sorts but thought this should give you all a smile, will try and post a couple more later on........hope you all enjoy. Stay safe!
  7. Galah


  8. SF "Do you come here often?"

    SF "Do you come here often?"

    The young female Galah was visiting for the first time and trying to make friends LOL .....the Galah is the off-spring of one of my regular pairs that come to my feeder every day, made for some great photos.............do hope gives you all a smile and keep safe! Apologies for no comments, have...
  9. Deep in thought!

    Deep in thought!

    Hi all, my favorite female gave me a visit the other evening after the S/C Cockatoos had left, she sat on the fence outside the kitchen window and preened herself........the crest reminded me of paper balls hung on string for festive occasions..........she at least wasn't drenched this...
  10. Galah 'roseicapilla'

    Galah 'roseicapilla'

    The Western Australia race taken with my little camcorder as always in our uncle's back garden in Safety Bay, WA....it beats a Dunnock!
  11. Galah in Flight

    Galah in Flight

  12. Currawong Chasing Galah

    Currawong Chasing Galah

    while the galah's friends just stood there and watched. (I do think it is a pied currawong)
  13. In the shade

    In the shade

    How neatly they positioned themselves to fit into that shadow from the tree! I'm sure they knew I wanted to take a picture of them!! We've got a Little Corella there with Galah. I think that may be the first time I got a picture with both of them together.
  14. Keeping Watch

    Keeping Watch

    On another dead tree in the middle of the water were these two Galahs. Not sure what they were doing, but thinking now... could they be excavating a nest hole? Or would the hole be excavated through the bark? Or maybe they were just up to mischief LOL
  15. Peek a boo

    Peek a boo

    One of a pair that were wondering about excavating a nesting hollow in the stump of an old palm.
  16. On a tree

    On a tree

    We went out early the next morning (well before breakfast) and set off in the general direction we'd been the day before, but then turned off up a track into the forest, going to Sharp Point on the other side of the peninsula. This was where Alex and June did their patch work at one time. On...
  17. Framed


    Galahs always have to get in on the act, don't they. This on looks like he's checking me out to see what I'm up to LOL
  18. Supervising


    A Galah had also arrived and sat in the tree for a few moments, seemingly checking out the activity at the water trough before deciding whether to join in or not.
  19. Social Distancing

    Social Distancing

    This is what it looks like in avian terms. Not doing too badly at it I guess. Red-rumped Parrot and a couple of Galahs. I took this picture at Rawnsley at the end of October, when we'd not even heard of this term LOL.
  20. Morning fly-over

    Morning fly-over

    Over breakfast we discussed our move for the morning. Peter had heard there was a water hole at the Rawnsley Camp a couple of km up the track, so off we set. Gosh it was hot going with no shade at all. We hadn't got too far when these two Galahs flew over.
  21. A good job

    A good job

    .... he didn't completely raise his crest or it would have gone out of the frame!! He landed on the fence to overlook proceedings in the garden. Although I'd already seen plenty of these on my travels, this was the first to show his face at Hans' garden.
  22. Everywhere


    .... but aren't they pretty!! After having had our cuppie at Hinterland, we then set off for a drive around the northern suburbs of Gold Coast, mostly around the Bonogin. At one point we tried a walk into a forest, but it was extremely hot that day and after a short distance realised we...
  23. The pink and white one

    The pink and white one

    We dropped down out of the forest to rather more agricultural land and paused for a bit at the side of the road as we saw some bird activity. My only decent shot there though was from a Galah that settled on a tree.
  24. Parrots galore

    Parrots galore

    This didn't happen too often, to see three species together. Galah, Rainbow Lorikeet and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos!!
  25. A gooseberry?

    A gooseberry?

    Making our way back towards the Homestead for lunch we came across three Galahs in a tree, a male and female but there's another partnerless one there in the background