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garden birds

  1. I have a tasty bit

    I have a tasty bit

    A Robin with a nice tasty meal.
  2. Great Tit in flight

    Great Tit in flight

    Captured this snap of a Great Tit in flight whilst in the garden. Thanks. See more at http://www.sselrocphotography.co.uk/photography-gallery/landscapes-wildlife-photographer/bird-photographer/


    so exciting watching all the birds coming and going you never now what you will get next as im sure all you garden bird feeders know.bluetit,greenfinch,blackbird,chaffinch,goldfinch and robin.
  4. Adult Bluetit

    Adult Bluetit

    Shot with Canon SX50 at 1200mm (35mm equivalent) wide open hand held at 1/25 sec. Thank you, Canon!
  5. happy april fools

    happy april fools

    some of my garden birds.
  6. Messy eater

    Messy eater

    I love the way this Goldfinch is on the tree trunk
  7. Reed Bunting

    Reed Bunting

    He looks such a confidant chap
  8. Goldfinch


    I love the lighting on the bird and the way it posed for the picture
  9. Great-Spotted Woodpecker

    Great-Spotted Woodpecker

    Taken on Anglesey on bird feeder.
  10. Long TailedTit

    Long TailedTit

    taken at my garden feeder
  11. BlueTit


    Taken in my garden
  12. Long Tailed Tit

    Long Tailed Tit

    Long Tailed Tit, part of the garden birds collection of images and 24x18 prints. For more information look at www.eysightphotography.co.uk
  13. Robin Redbreast

    Robin Redbreast

    This is taken in my garden, its a regular visitor,
  14. Wood Warbler

    Wood Warbler

  15. Coal Tit.

    Coal Tit.

    Part of a garden birds surviving winter collection. More details can be found at www.eysightphotography.co.uk
  16. greenfinch


    Greenfinch on my nuts
  17. Long-tailed Tit

    Long-tailed Tit

    This scruffy little tit appeared in my garden this morning, with two friends.
  18. Greater Spotted Woodpecker @ feeder

    Greater Spotted Woodpecker @ feeder

  19. The home builder

    The home builder

    Been watching 2 pairs of bullfinch today back n forth my feeders - at one time I had the 4 birds on the feeder at the same time...fabulous. Anyway, I have a feeling this little home builder got his nest very close - hope fully him & mrs b will bring the kids around for tea when the happy...
  20. Male Siskin

    Male Siskin

    As you will have seen Mike had some incredible shots from my garden on Saturday...the bully especially stood on every perch and posed like a good un for him. As much as they hung around the garden for him though the male siskin wern't playing the game as far as landing on the allotted perches -...
  21. Keeping it Green

    Keeping it Green

    Occasionally I get greenfinch in the garden but they tend to perch on the table full of seed or wander about on the ground....they are also very easily spooked. About 15 mins ago I sat in the kitchen thinking the birds would soon be disappearing for their evening siesta and all of a sudden the...
  22. American Robin

    American Robin

    This is computer artwork that I made in a program called Paint Shop Pro. It was drawn using the various brush tools available in the program.
  23. Sparrowhawk


    One less Starling to raid the Blackbird's raisins. A regular visitor, though usually very brief. I spent 20 minutes creeping across the living room floor towards the patio door, grabbing the nearest support on which to rest the camera i.e. motorcycle helmet & fleece hat.
  24. Goldfinch


    Goldfinch on feeder
  25. Greenfinch