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  1. J

    Trying to identify (Buzzard)

    This one was hovering quit close to the ground (10m-15m ?) above some fields near some houses. While watching it I was quit sure that this must be a common Kestrel. By trying the "Merlin Bird ID"-app though just got suggestions for several Kites (red-kite, black-kite..) but the kestrel not even...
  2. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    A beautiful day in the cemetery... Spring is coming! :)
  3. Siskin


    Siskins have an unusual migratory pattern, heading South in large numbers every few winters but remaining in others. I didn't know this and had been wondering where they'd all got to the last two years, but this year they came back with a vengeance in huge flocks, which delighted me...
  4. Nuthatch


    Sitting on a horizontal twig for a change, and being very vocal!
  5. Goshawk


    One of a pair which inhabits our local cemetery. They usually spot you long before you've spotted them and glide noiselessly away between the trees; this one stayed put for a minute or so and kept bobbing her head above the small branch to see if I was still there. Kind of reminded me of my...
  6. Black Woodpecker

    Black Woodpecker

    These birds are very shy and evasive here; during the whole of last year I only heard a few and saw one gliding away between the trees, despite running regularly in the woods where they live. So I was amazed to be there on a sunny day at the beginning of February and to see and hear no fewer...
  7. Dunnock singing

    Dunnock singing

    A Dunnock singing in the garden
  8. 4 Smews [♂]

    4 Smews [♂]

    4 male Smews seen from an observation hut in the Osterfeiner Moor, Damme, Lower Saxony in Germany
  9. Bearded Reedlings

    Bearded Reedlings

    Bearded Reedlings in the reed-bed south of the lake Dümmer, Lower Saxony in Germany.
  10. C

    Cycling and birding towards Scandinavia

    Hello to all birders ! We are Marine and Gabriel, a french couple biking towards Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Our target is to get to the Varanger peninsula in summer... only cycling ! We would love to get in touch with local birders on our way. If you have any suggestion of unmissable...
  11. Eurasian Collared Doves

    Eurasian Collared Doves

    A pair of Eurasian Collared Doves in the garden in Winter end of December 2020.
  12. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    A cold, windy, monochrome day on a cold, windy, monochrome lake ... and then this magnificent bird!
  13. A Contortion of Cormorants

    A Contortion of Cormorants

  14. Winter Hawfinch

    Winter Hawfinch

    The cold spell has brought the Hawfinches down from the tops of the conifers, where they usually hang out, to check out the dilapidated but often regularly topped up bird tables hidden among the trees.
  15. Fieldfare


    In February 2919, looking out of my apartment window, I noticed some Fieldfares picking the rowan berries from a rowan tree at my window, and it even had started snowing. I love this scene. So, I quickly fetched my camera and opened the window completely to create this short video clip of...
  16. European Stonechat (♂)

    European Stonechat (♂)

    A male European Stonechat in the nature reserve "Ahsewiesen", Lippetal, North Rine-Westphalia, Germany.
  17. White Stork

    White Stork

    Oftentimes I love to watch birds by what they are doing, and it was really relaxing to watch this White Stork foraging or resting on a field while the wind was blower through the stork‘s feathers. I really enjoyed it.
  18. Garganey (♂)

    Garganey (♂)

    A Garganey in the nature reserve ‘Disselmersch’, a flood channel area in North Rine-Westphalia, Germany.
  19. Call of the Sedge Warbler

    Call of the Sedge Warbler

    Call of the Sedge Warbler in the nature reserve ‘Ochsenmoor’, Hüde, Germany
  20. Call of the Bluethroat

    Call of the Bluethroat

    Call of the Bluethroat filmed in a nature reserve in the northern region of Germany. At 00:36 - 00:37 mins, 00:42 - 00:43 mins, 00:50 - 00:52 mins and 00:56 - 00:58 mins you can hear the typical call of a common snipe (in flight) in the background.
  21. Eurasian Skylark

    Eurasian Skylark

    This was the first Skylark I was able to film. I have heard Skylark singing when I was about to leave a nature reserve and passing a field. When I stopped the car, I first checked the field further away because I did not expect this Skylark to be so close to the border of the field with the...
  22. Common Blackbird / Eurasian Blackbird (♀)

    Common Blackbird / Eurasian Blackbird (♀)

    A Blackbird enjoying the snow in the garden in Taunusstein, Hesse, Germany.
  23. Common Sandpiper () / Flussuferläufer

    Common Sandpiper () / Flussuferläufer

    A Common Sandpiper foraging for food at the bank slope of lake Kemnade in Bochum, in Germany.
  24. Least Weasels

    Least Weasels

    This was a lucky moment: I was waiting at a swamp pond in the botanical garden ‘Rombergpark‘ in Dortmund, Germany, and waited for a kingfisher to visit this pond, because I know that this kingfisher occasionally liked to perch on the branches of the bald/swamp cypresses in that pond. I heard...
  25. Eurasian Spoonbill / Common Spoonbill (juv.)

    Eurasian Spoonbill / Common Spoonbill (juv.)

    A young Spoonbill begging for food in a flood channel nearby Xanten, Germany.