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  1. African Openbill Stork 2.jpg

    African Openbill Stork 2.jpg

    Another shot, unusual angle.
  2. African Openbill Stork 1.jpg

    African Openbill Stork 1.jpg

    I got lucky yesterday whilst waitng outside my wifes church( I never enter not my scene). A flock of these birds started circling in the sky overhead, 14 in all. Too far away for really good shots but it's an uncommon bird and a first for me so thought you might like this. Thanks for all your...
  3. Northern Red Bishop

    Northern Red Bishop

  4. Orange Cheeked Waxbill 3.jpg

    Orange Cheeked Waxbill 3.jpg

  5. Mosque Swallow 3.jpg

    Mosque Swallow 3.jpg

  6. Eurasian Kestrel

    Eurasian Kestrel

  7. Ethiopian Swallow 12.jpg

    Ethiopian Swallow 12.jpg

  8. Fun Pic- Butterfly

    Fun Pic- Butterfly

    This little thing flew across my vision this morning whilst trying to snap swallows.
  9. Pin Tailed Whydah Female 2.jpg

    Pin Tailed Whydah Female 2.jpg

  10. Pin Tailed Whydah 1.jpg

    Pin Tailed Whydah 1.jpg

  11. Bar Breasted Firefinch 8.jpg

    Bar Breasted Firefinch 8.jpg

  12. Senegal Coucal 4.jpg

    Senegal Coucal 4.jpg

  13. Senegal Coucal 3.jpg

    Senegal Coucal 3.jpg

  14. African Thrush 10.jpg

    African Thrush 10.jpg

  15. Bar Breasted Firefinch 7.jpg

    Bar Breasted Firefinch 7.jpg

  16. Bar Breasted Firefinch 6.jpg

    Bar Breasted Firefinch 6.jpg

  17. Tawny Flanked Prinia 6.jpg

    Tawny Flanked Prinia 6.jpg

  18. Dideric Cuckoo Female 1.jpg

    Dideric Cuckoo Female 1.jpg

  19. Copper Sunbird 18.jpg

    Copper Sunbird 18.jpg

  20. Red Faced Cisticola 2.jpg

    Red Faced Cisticola 2.jpg

  21. Red Faced Cisticola 1.jpg

    Red Faced Cisticola 1.jpg

  22. African Jacana 2.jpg

    African Jacana 2.jpg

  23. African Hobby 9.jpg

    African Hobby 9.jpg

    One of three perched on the high tension wires, one being a juvenile.
  24. Mottled Spinetail

    Mottled Spinetail

    One of the few Spinetails to discover in Ghana.
  25. Black Rumped Waxbill 2.jpg

    Black Rumped Waxbill 2.jpg