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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Goshawk


    Wild goshawk photographed just after dawn
  2. H

    ID help please.

    Enclosing a zoomed image of this photo clicked at Nimbokrang, West Papua, Indonesia in Jul 2023. Wanted to know if this is Variable Goshawk or Grey headed Goshawk? Can someone assist please with the identification. Many thanks in advance. Best Regards
  3. Goshawk


    I watched this lovely female fly in and land on this perch after seeing me she soon took off and back into the trees.
  4. Goshawk


    I watched this lovely female fly in and land on this perch after seeing me she soon took off and back into the trees.
  5. Goshawk


    A female Goshawk flying through the trees on the edge of a block of Douglas firs
  6. Female Goshawk

    Female Goshawk

    A displaying adult female over her territory.
  7. Northern Goshawk (juvenile)

    Northern Goshawk (juvenile)

    Female juvenile Goshawk and one of four chicks fledged from a local nest in 2020. (image taken under Schedule 1 Licence)
  8. Northern Goshawk

    Northern Goshawk

    Local female Goshawk watching me as I checked her nest last Summer (under licence). She never alarm called or made a fuss which is unusual for this species. The nest itself was eye level to a footpath just metres away so her silence helped in not drawing attention to her three chicks which all...
  9. Northern Goshawk (male)

    Northern Goshawk (male)

    Followed this mature male for several years in a Brecon Beacons territory but now seems to have disappeared sadly. Still the best individual Bird I have photographed.
  10. Northern Goshawk (female)

    Northern Goshawk (female)

    One of the Goshawks I monitor in the Brecon Beacons.
  11. Goshawk


    A male Goshawk sat watching over his territory. After flying in a calling
  12. Goshawk


    Almost a nice photo of a Goshawk taking off a very wind blown branch. In Gos style it was concealed enough to not show me any real detail but enough to entice!
  13. Thirsty


    Saw this chap when I was already on my way home. Plenty of time to take the camera out of my backpack and for a few shots. Of course did I refill its drinking bowl.
  14. Young goshawk

    Young goshawk

    Before sunset. Had some/typical symptoms of a cold/maybe covid and decided to isolate myself for six days; here 5 days by law. Feel good again and went out today to get some fresh air. Last week was it 25 Celsius; today around 8 C. ❄️☃️ I am already vaccinated three times and decided to stay at...
  15. Juvenile goshawk

    Juvenile goshawk

    Very late afternoon.
  16. 01101001

    Warsaw, Poland, 09.10

    Habitat: meadows with bushes, a forest and human settlements nearby. 1. A Barbary dove (not a feral pigeon on head and bill shape?). 2. A(n unidentifiable?) brown finch (twite: conspicuous white wing bars, darker upperparts, small beak, more deeply forked tail, bulk; linnet: time of the year...
  17. Juvenile goshawk

    Juvenile goshawk

    Currently very dominant at my local spot.
  18. Goshawk Female juvenile

    Goshawk Female juvenile

    Being mobbed by a rook
  19. Goshawk Female juv

    Goshawk Female juv

  20. Goshawk Juv male

    Goshawk Juv male

    Very pleased to see this young Gos over our garden
  21. Ready


    ... for the next chase. A regular guest these days. Still without success when I watched him.
  22. Tom St

    Accipiter species in the Netherlands--Dollard

    A horrible Accipiter image, photographed through the scope on 17.12.21 near Dollard. It flew away before better photos could be obtained. The overall impression we got from the bird was that of a Goshawk, but we're not sure at all. Striking features were the strong white supercilum and the white...
  23. Goshawk


    One of the adult goshawks that is/was parent to the youngsters that I earlier showed this season. Guess they already know me 👀. It perched close to me (almost full frame) and I had plenty of time for a picture. Maybe a case of corrupted wildlife?
  24. What do you want from me?

    What do you want from me?

    1st year goshawk.
  25. Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

    Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

    One youngster is still here and I watched its attempts to catch birds in the tree/in flight. Maybe own prey on another day.