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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Made it....

    Made it....

    Was anyone watching? The Eurasian Blackbird again, this time after he'd completed his high jump exploit, and obviously acknowledging the applause.
  2. Ready for take-off

    Ready for take-off

    The houses which front onto the canal on the opposite side to the towpath have private boat mooring privileges. This one has a series of breeze block ledges and is covered with a variety of old road (mostly) signs. There was a ledge just above this Eurasian Blackbird and rather than 'fly up'...
  3. A blob on a wire

    A blob on a wire

    When I see a blob on a wire I have to take the picture of it. Sometimes it remains a blob but this time it was a House Sparrow. Lunch in the churchyard was beginning to be productive. After I posted yesterday's picture, the young Starlings came back in their usual mob. They are now sporting...
  4. When you've got an itch!

    When you've got an itch!

    When I was staying with my brother, it was very hot weather during June (does that seem a long time ago LOL}. With my brother's poor health and my walking difficulties, outings were not really what we wanted to do. So this day we decided to have a packed lunch and eat it across the road in the...
  5. Having a wander

    Having a wander

    I made the long journey down to stay with my brother and his wife in South Wales (we were going to my nephew's wedding in Sussex as part of my trip). Anyway, close beside my brother's house is the Brecon Canal and I did a short walk along it one day. There was a family of Mallards who'd come...
  6. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    Last holiday picture and trip tick. Having my last breakfast, Glenys suddenly said, I think there's a Coal Tit in the garden! Sure enough there it was in the feeder. A first visit and I was about to leave! Had to find my camera and then in a rush take a picture through the window. Not till...
  7. Meadow Brown

    Meadow Brown

    .... and a Lifer for me. Found him in my brother's garden sipping on the buddleia. As I didn't get a view of his upper wing, I did check with the Butterfly forum, and they confirmed it for me.
  8. A Hymenoptera species

    A Hymenoptera species

    It might be a bee, but I'm really not sure what it is at all and didn't think there would be enough detail for the ID forum, so didn't try posting there. On the buddleia in my brother's garden.
  9. A study in green

    A study in green

    Actually it's rather difficult to decide where the water ends and the tree begins, I thought!! I'd two choices for this view, one zoomed in a bit to lose the towpath, but decided I preferred this one, as the path gave some edge contrast.
  10. A Bolete species

    A Bolete species

    I found this fungus growing along the towpath and posted it in the Fungus forum for ID. Unfortunately I would have needed to cut it in half and get pictures of the underneath etc. to be sure of a definitive ID. This was the closest they could get to.
  11. Colourful Magpie

    Colourful Magpie

    I see these guys so rarely, I forget they're not really black and white!!! This angle picked up some rather pretty iridescence I thought. Taken on the banks of the canal.
  12. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    ... rather pleased with the detail in this zoomed in image of Harry. It's always a toss-up whether to take a picture showing all the bird or zooming in for a close-up of his head - this is what I did that day. Hope you approve.
  13. Bridge 106 Gilwern

    Bridge 106 Gilwern

    After our lunch that day we wandered further along the canal and I had to go round a bend to see what was there, then I wanted to get to the bridge, which I could see in the distance. .... here it is!!
  14. Mallard


    I loved the water highlights in this Mallard image. Actually quite different from the usually reflections, quite silvery light.
  15. Purple Loosestrife

    Purple Loosestrife

    Along the canal towpath I came across this beauty. The Flower forum identified it for me as Purple Loosestrife. The Wildlife Trusts website says it's "a valuable food source for long-tongued insects like bees, moths and butterflies, including Brimstones, Red-tailed Bumblebees and...
  16. Wood Pigeon

    Wood Pigeon

    Before we set off to go to Gilwern, I spotted this woodie sitting on the garage roof. May seem odd, but this was the only one I saw in the village, and I didn't even hear any crashing out of the trees along the canal!
  17. Saturday fun.....

    Saturday fun.....

    ..... or I'm off! As you will know, I don't actually get pictures of butterflies very often, but there were quite a few get-at-able ones where my brother is. This one was on his buddleia and after sitting for me to get a few of him sipping the nectar, she took exception to my presence and I...
  18. Footbridge No 105

    Footbridge No 105

    I'd lined myself up to take the view through the arch with the bridge as a frame, when the boat came through, so I had to quickly adjust things. LOL The hills on the right through the tunnel are the Black Mountains.
  19. Buzzard


    There were actually two of them, but I couldn't get a picture showing both. They were pretty high in the sky and finding them in the view finder wasn't that easy. They did go an settle in some trees below, but on the other side of the crown, so couldn't get a picture of them down there. I've a...
  20. Black Mountains, western edge

    Black Mountains, western edge

    The last full day of my holiday; Clive and Glen wanted to go to their 'favourite view'..... not bad is it? My brother walked there along the canal and Glenys and I drove to the next village of Gilwern, meeting up at a small car park on the canal. We then walked along to this spot where there's...
  21. Dusk Magpie

    Dusk Magpie

    For the first time that visit a Magpie came and settled on the roof of the house below my brother's in the evening. Prior to that I'd only seen them along the canal. The light was all wrong of course, as that was the way the sun set, although it was rather cloudy.
  22. Comma Butterfly

    Comma Butterfly

    A pretty Comma butterfly from earlier in my holiday. I seem to have missed this one when I was in that folder. They're beautiful, aren't they.
  23. Mute Swan with friends

    Mute Swan with friends

    There was a little island just off short and I spotted this Mute Swan having a preen. Some Tufted Ducks keeping him company too. It was strange really, I saw no other Swans on the lake that day.
  24. Red Admiral

    Red Admiral

    I guess there must have been some salts in the earthy canal path that this butterfly was enjoying. Can't think why else he was there.
  25. Coots


    There was also a raft of Coots on that lake, a bit distant and under a shady area unfortunately.