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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

gracupica contra

  1. Making ...

    Making ...

    ... a quick assessment ... ... of the kind of people standing across ... and ... they are very good at it ... _____________________ Indian Pied Starling 11 January 2024
  2. Asian Pied Starlings

    Asian Pied Starlings

  3. Sitting Behind The Trunk.

    Sitting Behind The Trunk.

    Photographed Indian Pied Myna While Sitting Behind A Tree Trunk, And It was Close Enough To Photographed On A Portrait Scale.
  4. Lakescape - 772 : Soundscape : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Lakescape - 772 : Soundscape : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    1.5K views, 47 likes, 14 loves, 17 comments, 36 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Alok Tewari Striated Heron ... aka ... Green-backed Heron ... in amazing soundscape of Keoladeo National Park ... That little green in the back is nicely seen here ... as this video was done in peak of summer...
  5. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

  6. Asian Pied Starling on Shemal tree

    Asian Pied Starling on Shemal tree

  7. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

  8. Asian Pied Starlings

    Asian Pied Starlings

    They had an interesting conversation.
  9. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

    common but cute....
  10. Spring-Summer - 167

    Spring-Summer - 167

    Spring-Summer - 167 Choice of nesting material ... One of the pair collecting material for nest ... found a piece of synthetic tie-ribbon ... ... and was fairly excited about it ... ... that may be seen in the attached video clip ... Link ...
  11. Spring-Summer - 166

    Spring-Summer - 166

    Spring-Summer - 166 ... ''Isn't it time to set up a home and start a family ...'' Seems to be the the essence of exchange ... between them ... They had definitely moved beyond the pair bonding stage ... And the next image I post ... will show them collecting the nesting material ...
  12. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

    surprisingly, we only saw very few of these; we expected them to be more common. This one had the benefit of early morning sunlight.
  13. Twilight Glow ...

    Twilight Glow ...

    Twilight Glow ... This ... Asian Pied Starling decided to grant us a classic image after sunset ... Yesterday ... on my extended b'day ... birding day ... A truly satisfying outing ... and a loadful of return gifts from mother Nature ... for us to share with all our fellow-travelers...
  14. Spring-Summer - 95

    Spring-Summer - 95

    Off to Bharatpur ... to do Summer / Pre-mosoon birding ... and collect some seasonal data ... ... will be away for 3-4 days ... _____________ Spring-Summer - 95 ... A wonderful species of Starling ... Asian Pied Starling Develop lovely, subtle hues in summer on wings ... tail and back...
  15. Spring-Summer ... 40

    Spring-Summer ... 40

    Spring-Summer ... 40 Asian Pied Starling Nearly all images of this wonderful starling, in my collection were captured during winter months ... This time, I could get one during summer ... ... a few pairs were engaged in nesting activity at Keoladeo NP ... Great mimics of human voice...
  16. Pair ... 2

    Pair ... 2

    After a rare-pair at balcony ... here's a A pair in the wild ... Unlike Shikra pair ... ... these are seen very often in pairs and small to medium groups specially when they arrive for a communal roost ... ... but very difficult to compose a good pair shot ... as they frequently strike...
  17. Lakescape - 379

    Lakescape - 379

    Lost Wetland Images Roosting Matters - 2 A closer look at the tree seen in the last image ... ... reveals at least three types of Starlings : Asian Pied Starling Common Starling Bank Myna There were some Common Mynas as well ... but the light and distance does not make it easy...
  18. Asian pied starling

    Asian pied starling

    Early morning call of the starling !
  19. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

  20. Asian Pied Starling

    Asian Pied Starling

    Starlings are a nuisance everywhere; this species is no exception. But it doesn't mean they don't provide good photo opportunity.
  21. Pied Myna or Asian Pied Starling

    Pied Myna or Asian Pied Starling

    Very vocal but much less so than the more common variety the Common Myna......slightly out of focus here as it flew away soon after we started to shoot it giving us no second chance!!!!!
  22. Debate


    Life : Debate __________________ T.V. Talk Show ... live On the wire ... Who is going To ...Win " The Election " Well ...!!! Time will Tell ....!!!! ______________________ Pied Starlings ...debating some crucial issues .... Involving us all ... Somewhere ...
  23. Pied Starling

    Pied Starling

    Quite common in our parts.
  24. Asian Pied starling

    Asian Pied starling

    lens is standard one..so clarity is bit poor
  25. Pied Starling (myna)

    Pied Starling (myna)

    Saw about half a dozen of these in a local park