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green-winged teal

  1. Teal in flight

    Teal in flight

    I was on my walk today and I noticed a male and female Eurasian Teal. I took out my camera and took a few snaps. Something spooked them and the female was the first to fly away. Then I was ready and took this picture of the male as he leapt out of the water.
  2. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    GW Teal pair cruising on the wider parts of the marsh
  3. Green-winged teal

    Green-winged teal

    Beautiful cinnamon-headed duck with the electric green eye stripe - a winter duck for us, and more rare of a sighting than the blue-winged teals, but a pleasure when we do get to see them
  4. Blue-winged Green-winged?

    Blue-winged Green-winged?

    I'm not asking about the ID. She's definitely a Green-winged Teal. I don't even think she's a blue-winged Green-winged Teal. I think this is just a matter of the direction of the light.
  5. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    Male green-winged Teal have chestnut head with iridescent green extending from the eyes to the nap of the neck.
  6. Size comparison

    Size comparison

    Green-winged Teal vs Mallard - about 3 to 1 in terms of total body mass.
  7. SF1 - headless

    SF1 - headless

    I'm busy sewing masks. Will catch up on browsing later this evening. Meanwhile, in keeping with the face-hiding theme, here are three SF images from yesterday's walk along the river. Classic SF shots, i.e. shots where something goes wrong, like the bird suddenly taking off, a branch in the way...
  8. Green-winged Teals.jpg

    Green-winged Teals.jpg

    Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca carolinensis) female.
  9. Female Teal

    Female Teal

  10. Shy couple

    Shy couple

    The teal at the bend in the river are shy little ducks, but sometimes if I stand very still behind some willows they'll come swimming past close enough for a decent shot before they realize I'm there.
  11. green-winged teal (male)

    green-winged teal (male)

  12. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

  13. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

  14. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    Handsome little male, floating around making frog noises.
  15. Another Teal Flight Shot

    Another Teal Flight Shot

    At Huntington Beach State Park, SC
  16. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

  17. A flash of green

    A flash of green

    The walk around the lagoon was something of a detour because a bridge was out for some reason. Leaving the lagoon and passing a muddy pool on the temporary path back to the main trail, I peered between weeds and thicket and there was another female duck of some sort. Not showing much distinctive...
  18. Green Winged-Teal

    Green Winged-Teal

    Common Teal (Anas crecca subsp. carolinensis). Known as the Green-winged Teal (Anas carolinensis) by most in the USA. IUCN and BirdLife International does not recognize this taxon at the specific level. However behavioral, morphological and molecular data does not support their position...
  19. Green-winged teal

    Green-winged teal

    green-winged teal with just the right amount of light...casting a purple stripe (no PS work done)
  20. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    This is a common species but, somehow, the first photograph I've ever gotten of one.
  21. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

  22. Just a little farther

    Just a little farther

    He waddled and slipped across the thin ice until finally breaking through, and then swam on, unperturbed.
  23. Meep


    This is the closest that I have been to a GwT
  24. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    Starting to see more of these now as duck migration thru our area starts to heat up.
  25. Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

    Yesterday, I posted a Common Teal, and now I upload a Green-winged. It is a true oldie, back in 2007, when I was using the Digital Rebel XTi with the Ring-typed focus EF 70-300II. The nomenclature is a bit confusing. In Sibley's, the secientic name is Anas crecca, same as the Common Teal, but in...