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  1. Sitting Pretty

    Sitting Pretty

    Winter plumage black-headed gull
  2. T

    Downtown Seattle, WA, United States - Juvenile Jaeger/Gull/Skua

    Hey all, there's this bird that likes to hang out on the roof of the building right by my apartment. It comes to this rooftop nearly every day and calls into the air when gulls are nearby. For a while, I thought it was a hungry juvenile gull - but if a gull approaches it and lands on the roof...
  3. kingfisher53

    Herring Gull or ???

    Dears, Could you pls help me to identify the Larus attached. Photos taken by me in Black Sea Coast of Istanbul this week . There was a big flock of Larus over 1000 members mostly Yellow Legged, some Caspian and a few Lesser Black Backed.
  4. J

    Request What Type Of Seagull Is This In North Wales?

  5. Fandango739

    California, USA - Gulls galore

    Palo Alto, California. Seen bayside. October. It has been way too long since I last visited coastal California. 1) Bonaparte's? 2 - 4) ? 5) Herring? 6) ? I know that's a bunch, but I am truly grateful for any help!
  6. R

    Immature Gull ID - Saskatchewan Canada

    I'm thinking immature herring gull and immature ring billed gull but I'd like a second opinion because I'm very new at gull ID.
  7. Heringsmöwe | Lesser Black-backed Gull & Mantelmöwe | Great Black-backed Gull

    Heringsmöwe | Lesser Black-backed Gull & Mantelmöwe | Great Black-backed Gull

    Not completely in focus, but worth a look because of the size difference: a Lesser Black-backed Gull stands directly in front of a Great Black-backed Gull on Baltrum beach
  8. Eimajm

    Yellow-legged or Lesser black-backed Gull?- Hastings, UK

    Taken today 01/08/23. It's about time I properly got to grips with these gulls and I need your help. My thoughts are that contrasty head and clear mask and a pretty heavy bill whiteish belly and undertail point to YLG, but I'm really not confident enought yet to call it myself. If this is YLG...
  9. F

    Herring Gull with grey head (aberrant)? (Dutch coast, IJmuiden, July 6th 2023)

    This evening I saw this Gull approaching over the beach and dunes. Its dark gray head and breast really stood out even from a large distance, so I ran up a dune to take pictures. Due to the very nice evening sun it's not even that obvious in the pictures, but its head and breast were really...
  10. California Gull

    California Gull

    I believe this is a 2nd year juvenile. I like how its wings look like digital camouflage, with one feather being replaced at a time.
  11. Andy Hurley

    Large Gull, possibly Cachinnans, Steinhorster Becken near Paderborn, NRW, Germany, 8th May '23

    My first thought was Caspian Gull, but would like your input, as I have been more wrong than right in my ID's recently. Only one image I'm afraid. Many thanks!
  12. Fandango739

    Adult Gulls - Camano Washington State USA

    All seen last week during cold and dreary weather at a west side beach. The lighting was tricky, potentially altering the appearance / darkness of plumage. The bill extension on the first gull is actually a shell the bird is holding. Many thanks!
  13. O

    What gull is this? - Warwick UK

    I'm rubbish at sea birds, seeing I live in the middle of the country. What is this gull? It was flying around while I was taking shots of buzzards.
  14. R

    A very pale first winter Gull in Mai Po, Hong Kong

    Found on 01 March 2023 at Mai Po Nature Reserve mudflat in Hong Kong ( East Asia), Hi, I found a very pale large gull with dark mandible and white primaries, Was put it to be a very pale Slaty-backed Gull 2cy at that time, but still like to ask if any advise on it. Thanks.
  15. Lakescape-859


    Lesser Black-backed Gull ... a rarity in inland waterbodies ... Adult with immature ... on World Wetlands Day _________________ Sultanpur National Park Gurugram Haryana India 2 February 2023
  16. Angry Gull

    Angry Gull

    A vocal Ring-Billed Gull
  17. Lakescape-843 : Red-necked Phalarope : coastal winter visitor : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Lakescape-843 : Red-necked Phalarope : coastal winter visitor : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    649 views, 32 likes, 4 loves, 9 comments, 17 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Alok Tewari: Red-necked Phalarope ... a winter visitor to the west coast of India ... mainly Gujarat ... the birds coming to India are mainly from Scandinavian breeding sites ... A fascinating Wader with webbed...
  18. Gull Island Homer, Alaska

    Gull Island Homer, Alaska

    Also known locally as Bird Rock, this aptly named spot is a popular short trip for birders during Homer's annual shore bird festival. As I was posting pictures from previous work trips in the South Pacific, I thought I ought to have at least one from my home state.
  19. Herring gull juvenile - Caledonian canal

    Herring gull juvenile - Caledonian canal

    One of those tame/greedy/hungry birds that's not scared off easily by humans or long lenses :) On the banks of the Caledonian canal
  20. The fog on the lake and its animals

    The fog on the lake and its animals

    The fog on the lake and its animals: The Gulls.
  21. MaxesTaxes

    Juvenile gull from Camargue, France

    I saw this juvenile gull in the Camargue, France, on the 5th of August this year. The bill seems too long and slender to me for Larus or Med gull, but the plumage doesn't seem to fit black-headed or slender-billed gull. So I must be wrong in one of my assumptions... What do you guys think this...
  22. R

    What kind of gull is this? (Atlantic coast of Morocco)

    This gull, or gull-like bird, in the photo was seen alongside a group of more familiar white and gray seagulls on the beach near Essaouira, Morocco, on Aug. 16th, 2022. I thought his marking was a bit different. We later spotted several more of these, all mixed in with a large group of the more...
  23. Gull with Octopus

    Gull with Octopus

  24. herring gull

    herring gull

    with rainbow