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  1. MaxesTaxes

    Juvenile gull from Camargue, France

    I saw this juvenile gull in the Camargue, France, on the 5th of August this year. The bill seems too long and slender to me for Larus or Med gull, but the plumage doesn't seem to fit black-headed or slender-billed gull. So I must be wrong in one of my assumptions... What do you guys think this...
  2. R

    What kind of gull is this? (Atlantic coast of Morocco)

    This gull, or gull-like bird, in the photo was seen alongside a group of more familiar white and gray seagulls on the beach near Essaouira, Morocco, on Aug. 16th, 2022. I thought his marking was a bit different. We later spotted several more of these, all mixed in with a large group of the more...
  3. Gull with Octopus

    Gull with Octopus

  4. herring gull

    herring gull

    with rainbow
  5. 0

    Larus gull (Warsaw, Poland; 7 August 2021)

    Based on the shape of the head and bill, I assume it might be a Caspian gull. However, is it possible to ascertain whether it's pure or not given the quality of the photos? The bird is pictured in lateral view, so the tertial step might be a thing, but I still don't understand how the whole...
  6. Calamari is Ready!

    Calamari is Ready!

    A Laughing Gull drags to shore a dead squid
  7. R

    Vagrant Black Headed Gull? Ontario, Canada

    Saw this bird at Hillman Marsh, Ontario Canadaon May 8 2022, just 10km north of Point Pelee. It was walking in among some dunlin. I was thrown off because the head was not black and didn't appear to wrap around the head like it does on the Bonaparte Gull. The closest thing I can visually match...
  8. F

    Unknown Gull, Caspian? (Texel, Netherlands, April 29, 2022)

    Yesterday I saw this immature Gull on the Dutch island of Texel. It's behaviour was slightly unusual as it was resting alone on a ploughed field (bare soil) and then after a while moving/flying a couple of metres to rest again very close to two Oystercatchers. It did look healthy though. It...
  9. Ring-Billed Gull in flight

    Ring-Billed Gull in flight

  10. Great Black-backed Gull

    Great Black-backed Gull

    Its been visiting Istanbul every winter since 2015
  11. Short-billed Gull grabs a morsel from the waves

    Short-billed Gull grabs a morsel from the waves

    Blustery day on Puget Sound, whitecaps and waves pounding the beach.
  12. S

    Herring Gull or Vega Gull or just an Oly Gull

    I was birding around Semiahmoo Spit last weekend (western Washington, close to the Canadian border). Like many of you do, I was photographing birds for later positive ID. I took a picture of this gull, which I assumed was our usual Olympic Gull, a hybrid of GWGU and WEGU. The Olympic Gull is...
  13. Black-headed gull

    Black-headed gull

  14. Iceland gull

    Iceland gull

    juvenile Iceland gull
  15. herring gull

    herring gull

    herring gull over the sea
  16. H

    Two gull IDs - Cambridgeshire, UK

    Hi all, I was hoping to get confirmation of the two gulls here, taken today in Cambridgeshire. I thought the first may be a Caspian Gull - one having been reported a couple of days prior to this photo. To me it looks to have a particularly long bill and seemingly pale-grey legs. The other I...
  17. gull sp

    gull sp

    unknown identity
  18. Gull landing

    Gull landing

    An immature large gull coming in to land on the beach.
  19. W

    Gull to identify, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, July 30

    Black-tailed Gull, or laughing Gull? Laughing gull has never been recorded in mainland China. The bird's beak and legs may have been oily.
  20. herring gull

    herring gull

  21. lesser black backed gull

    lesser black backed gull

  22. MaxesTaxes

    Larus gull from Wassenaarse Slag, Netherlands

    Hey guys, I photographed this gull in January (2021) at the beach of the Wassenaarse Slag in the Netherlands. I believe it is a juvenile Larus gull, however I am having a hard time figuring out which species it belongs to. My current best guess is Larus argentatus, but if you tell me it's a L...
  23. L

    Gull identification - Portugal

    Hi everyone, This my first post in birdforum. I come to ask your help for the identification of the seagull in the attached photos. I made this observation on March 9, 2020 and since then I have been looking for a definitive identification. The bird was perched on a fishing port in Lisbon...
  24. F

    Immature Gull ID Dutch coast (March 13, 2021)

    Could someone help me to ID this immature Gull? Seen last sunday in very stormy weather in IJmuiden (North Sea coast). It was trying (in vain) to rob a Great Cormorant of its catch (seen in the first and last image). Very poor visibility and a great distance, my images are not very clear...
  25. Ring-billed Gull

    Ring-billed Gull