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  1. The winner takes it all

    The winner takes it all

    hawfinch defending his place at the feeder
  2. hawfinch


  3. Hawfinch


    A rare visitor in our garden. I haven't seen one for a couple of years. This winter is colder than last year's, and it seems our feeding place is attracting more species than during the preceding winters. They are very shy and fly away when I move. So I had to sit and wait for things to happen...
  4. hawfinch (portrait)

    hawfinch (portrait)

    used the snow and bad weather for some portraits of the "common suspects" hope you like them
  5. Turn signal.....

    Turn signal.....

  6. On the house    Hawfinch

    On the house Hawfinch

    Free meals
  7. Hawfinch ♂

    Hawfinch ♂

  8. hawfinch


    starting in the garden at the feeder
  9. Hawfinch


  10. Closer Still

    Closer Still

  11. King Finch

    King Finch

    I love these Hawfinches and there are still many at my back yard feeder.
  12. Hawfinch


    We have Hawfinches on the feeders daily but not in any numbers since the day we saw 8 at the same time.
  13. hawfinch


    checking me out
  14. male hawfinch

    male hawfinch

    we still have one male paying a few daily visits to our garden.
  15. Hawfinch


    Coccothraustes coccothraustes (Linnaeus, 1758)
  16. male hawfinch

    male hawfinch

    4 of these were hanging around the feeder in the garden during the weekend. so wary, far more than most of the other species
  17. Hawfinch


  18. hawfinch (male)

    hawfinch (male)

  19. attack successful

    attack successful

    and the winner is...
  20. attack


    hawfinch defending the feeder