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hoary redpoll

  1. Paleface


    I just noticed when picking pics to post today that the Redpoll on the right is much paler and finer-streaked than those I usuall see. Have I caught an Arctic (aka Hoary) Redpoll without realizing it? Or is this just a paler Common? I don't dare list it as Hoary yet, but if you folks concur then...
  2. H

    Common or hoary redpoll?

    Hello, I saw this bird in downtown Toronto today (Dec 13, 2020). It was with a flock of common redpolls so I assumed it was the same, but I was reviewing the photos and this bird seems paler and has a much less streaky sides, which makes me think maybe it is a hoary redpoll. I uploaded the photo...
  3. A little beauty

    A little beauty

    An unexpected visiter to our yard yesterday. I had thought they all were gone now. This hoary redpoll came in for a quick feed, then went up into this tree and fairly gleamed in the sun as is sat on this branch, beautiful as a Christmas ornament.My bridge camera just doesn't do it justice...
  4. Pretty bird.

    Pretty bird.

    Finding it really difficult to ignore these hoary redpolls. They're such a pretty bird, and who knows how much longer they'll be around before they head north again?
  5. Food coma?

    Food coma?

    This fluffed up against the cold Hoary Redpoll had a dreamy look on it's face. He perched like that for quite a while. Probably because it had spent the previous ten or fifteen minutes greedily gobbling down sunflower seeds!!
  6. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

    Thanks to Delia Todd I am correctly naming this bird now! lol These guys are so tame I can almost pet them! They must be used to people and feeders because as soon as they arrived here they were like this. They let me come very close as you can see by this photo.
  7. Redpoll, cf. Hoary Feeding on Alder Fruits AK SER'14

    Redpoll, cf. Hoary Feeding on Alder Fruits AK SER'14

    I saw numerous Redpolls, typically in small flocks in shrubby growth around Nome, Alaska in late May and early June 2014. I was unable to determine whether the species was Carduelis flammea or C. hornemanni, and flocks may have been of mixed species. I favor C. hornemanni (Hoary Redpoll) for...
  8. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

    This guy was working the top of the ice and snow for the seeds that have fallen from above.
  9. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

    Taken in my backyard.
  10. Female Hoary Redpoll

    Female Hoary Redpoll

    It has been a good winter for visiting finches. Redpolls are quite common at niger feeders, and while watching them one afternoon, this female Hoary Redpoll decided to join them. Hoaries are not as common as the Common Redpolls, so I was thrilled to be able to recognize one and take such a...
  11. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

  12. Hoary_Redpoll


  13. Hoary_Redpoll


    Today there was - 18 C cold, but sunshining and couple hours light to take photograhps. I found Redpolls and there was one Hoary Redpoll among them. I got photo of it in good light, when sun was shining very low.
  14. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

  15. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll

    During the winter of 2003/04 we had a total of nine idifferent Hoary Redpolls visit our feeders in central New York. They mixed in with a flock of well over 1,000 American Goldfinches and Common Redpolls. We enjoyed hosting birders from all over the state who came to add this species to their...
  16. Hoary Redpoll Beak Comparison

    Hoary Redpoll Beak Comparison

    Lucky shot through the window, a Common and the Hoary happened to look up at the same time, allowing a pretty good beak and facial pattern comparison.
  17. Hoary Redpoll Undertail Coverts

    Hoary Redpoll Undertail Coverts

    After 'thinking' I might have seen one several times, this little beauty was kind enough to pose for me, or was it doing something else? Sorry about the focus, but it was way too cold to go outside, so I shot it through the patio doors.
  18. Hoary Redpoll

    Hoary Redpoll