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identification request

  1. A

    Is this a Black Tern? SE Michigan

    Took this pic of terns from afar on Lake Erie shore this week and didn't notice the odd one out until now since its head was turned away--what is this, second from the left? Black Tern? Bill seems thick, only one pic captured its head...Thanks in advance!
  2. A

    Bit of a challenge - Lake Erie coast, Michigan, USA

    Hi, everyone. These are two stills of a bird I noticed in a video I was taking off of a pier on the Lake Erie coast in SE Michigan. Apologies for the low quality--I believe that most of the white near the bill and on the wing edging is actually from the waves going by. Is it possible to ID...
  3. Unsure.JPG


    Looking for an ID on this, ambling through a nature reserve walk near Wolverhampton and I never actually saw this bird initially as I was snapping something behind it. I know my birds pretty well but I've really no clue what this is. I've ruled out juveniles for the obvious blackbird and...
  4. B

    Please could anyone help identify this song?

    Hi I was wondering if I could have help identifying this song? I am hoping it is a European robin but would like confirmation and tips on how to identify a Robin song (without visuals), if I am wrong. Thank you in advance.
  5. G

    Vintage binocular identification

    Hi all, I recently got some new binoculars at a vintage store in NH, was wondering if anyone could help with identification. No case, "olympus brand" strap is new-ish, and I haven't been able to find any information about this logo "Kogo". Lens is pretty good but maybe could use a cleaning...
  6. Azan Khan

    Snipe ID (Pakistan)

    Hello everyone, hope you are well. Kindly help with ID of this snipe. The current proposal is Solitary Snipe (a winter migrant to the location) but we are not sure. I would really appreciate if you can provide key ID pointers because I'm very confused about it. Thanks in advance:) Location...
  7. Azan Khan

    Canvasback (?) from Pakistan.

    Hello everyone, hope you are well. I found this old photo on a Facebook hunting group. The guy who posted it provided the following details: "Memorable picture first,duck i hunt,in my hunting life was ringed,canvasback duck 29th october of 2000 in near shahdad kot the ring no is...
  8. Azan Khan

    Seabirds ID Request - Pakistan

    Hi everyone, can anyone help me ID these seabirds? Posting it on behalf of a friend. The first bird is a jaeger which apparently looks like Parasitic/Arctic Jaeger to me based on the two pointed tail feathers but I'd still like to see a a response regarding its correct identity, preferably with...
  9. Azan Khan

    Drongo from Pakistan

    Posting it on behalf of a friend, Atif Taj. Photos taken on 29 August, 2022 Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Can you please help me ID this drongo? It looks odd for both of the common species found in the country. It has certain features of Hair-crested Drongo but lacks the backward curls in tail...
  10. Azan Khan

    Confusing Blue-Magpie from Pakistan

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. Can you please help me ID it? And share reasons why (why not) it is a Red-billed Blue-Magpie/ or Yellow-billed Blue-Magpie? I'd appreciate your valuable response to this post. Note: Red-billed Blue-Magpie hasn't been documented in Pakistan yet. Kind regards, Azan...
  11. Azan Khan

    Leaf Warbler ID Pakistan

    Hi everyone, can you please help me ID these Leaf Warblers (Phylloscopus sp)? I'd appreciate if you could provide keys too. Thanks! Image 1: Shogran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan | elevation 9,500+ feet. Image 2: Thandiani Top, Abbotabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan | elevation below...
  12. Azan Khan

    Bunting ID from Pakistan

    Hello everyone, is this a Yellowhammer, female? I need valuable feedback on this significant record. It was already suggested as such by couple of people on Facebook but I need to be more careful with this individual. Because if turned out so, it would be the 2nd National Record for Pakistan...
  13. Azan Khan

    Buzzard ID request

    Hi everyone. Is this a dark-morphed Common/Steppe Buzzard ? Can you please share main pointers for telling apart dark-morphed Common Buzzard from dark-morphed Long-legged Buzzard, Himalayan Buzzard and Upland Buzzard? Would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance :) Location: Islamabad...
  14. Azan Khan

    Flycatcher from Pakistan

    Hi. Can you please confirm if it is really Brown-breasted Flycatcher? Its lower mandible isn't pale enough though. Your valuable feedback is required. Thanks :) Photos by Waja Sadiq Baloch November 2021 Karachi, Pakistan
  15. Azan Khan

    Swift ID request from Pakistan

    Is it Pallid Swift? Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Date: Oct 2021 (Posting it on behalf of Sadiq Baloch)
  16. Azan Khan

    Larks ID from Pakistan

    Identification requested for these larks species from Lahore, Pakistan. Would love to know their diagnostic ID pointers. Thanks :)
  17. Azan Khan

    Martin ID from Pakistan

    Hi. I just wanted to confirm if this is a Dusky Crag Martin. This species is range restricted to extreme SE Pakistan (Runn Of Kutch, Sindh). The following bird was recorded at Lahore (Punjab) in June 2021, over a thousand kilometres northwards from its known range in Pakistan. No other martin...
  18. Azan Khan

    Thrush ID from Pakistan

    Hi. Is this a normal 1st-winter male or a sub-adult female Red-throated Thrush? Or male Red-throated Thrush X Black-throated Thrush? Or male Red-throated Thrush X Naumann's Thrush? Or male Black-throated Thrush X Naumann's Thrush? Location: Shogran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Date: April 2021...
  19. Azan Khan

    Phylloscopus Warbler ID from Pakistan

    Hi everyone. I'm posting these photos for ID on behalf of a friend with his permission. Is this Green Warbler or Greenish Warbler? It was clicked at Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan on 23 April, 2021. Both species are known to occur in Pakistan. Please do share some ID pointers too if that's okay. Much...
  20. Azan Khan

    Rosefinch (es) ID - Pakistan

    Hi everyone, Could this be a Pink-browed Rosefinch, female? It was captured in Swat Valley, northern Pakistan. Beside this unidentified rosefinch, Common Rosefinch and Blyth's Rosefinch are also found in that area. Plus Rock Buntings & White-capped Buntings are also found there but its jizz...
  21. N

    Need help identifying this bird.

    Hey guys, this was taken 30mins outside of downtown Austin. Around June or July? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Unidentified Hummingbird

    Unidentified Hummingbird

    Feeding on a tobacco tree in Machu Pichu at altitude of 2500 in the Peruvian Andes. Can anyone help me identify it please?
  23. What is it?

    What is it?

    Can anyone please tell me what this bird could be. I took it in a wet rainforest in a tributary of the Amazon in Peru.