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  1. S

    Swift ID - Ohio, United States

    I've been having trouble identifying the type of swift I spotted at a park yesterday (June 16). There were about six of them in a bird house next to the parking lot. They were brown/grey and white, which made me think they were chimney swifts, but their bellies were white and their entire heads...
  2. N

    Need help identifying cool bird, with striking wing pattern near Sanders Arizona

    Hello, need/want some help here identifying a bird. The bird in question most notably had black red and white wings in a distinctive, I want to say hyper stylish and geometric patterning. The patterns on the spread wings was almost like… maybe a pattern from a Native American painting, pottery...
  3. M

    Please help, what bird is this, and is it a rare species?

    Hi bird lovers, I'm unable to capture a picture and i only have this audio. Would anyone be able to identify what bird species is this via the sound?
  4. B

    Merlin Age/Sex

    Needing some help/confirmation on the age and sex of these Merlin captured on a camera trap in Central Scotland.
  5. jurek

    Age of Grey Heron chicks

    I am looking for a paper or contact to somebody who can put the age of chicks of Grey Heron in days as accurately as possible from photographs. So far I only found the Heinroth book from the 1928!
  6. H

    Mystery Bird - Rural Mid-Devon

    Hi, We live in a rural mid-Devon and have some interesting birds appear in our garden such as the lesser spotted woodpecker, kingfishers etc. A mystery bird has appeared over the past few days and we cannot fathom what it could be…. I finally managed to get a photo through my binoculars this...
  7. S

    Could someone Identify this bird please? UK

    Hello everyone. My first post to the forum, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place. This bird has been hanging around my work place for the past few weeks. We have large bins outside the premises which this bird comes to get the scraps of meat from. I live in South Wales, UK if that...
  8. W

    ID help - New Forest, UK 08-23

    Found foraging on a field in a large group of 20-30 Thinking linnet but not sure Cheers
  9. M

    Unidentified moth? Northern Ireland May 2019 (No photo, only description)

    I can't find where to put this, so here it is in this forum, sorry Me and my sisters were in the garden one balmy May afternoon, when a huge dark moth decided to land on our clematis plant. I have not seen one before or after like it. It was huge, but sadly did not spread it's wings, and a...
  10. L

    Could you help me identify this bird by its song?

    These 2 days I've been listening to a bird somewhere near my house, but haven't been able to see it. It sings quite loudly, unfortunately I live in an urban environment, so the recording might be noisy. But could you help me with a name?
  11. A

    Crested serpent eagle or Oriental honey buzzard?

    Greetings, all. I'm a student from Malaysia and am new to the ornithological field. Recently, I've received some parasite samples from a vet who's working on exotic animals. The vet said that the identity of the host, of which the parasites were isolated from, was the crested serpent eagle...
  12. C

    New member

    Hello all ! I am a new birder and I’m just learning so I am having trouble Identifying even common birds in my area. Can’t wait to talk to more experienced birders !
  13. K

    Japanese or Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Laem Son On, Songkhla, Thailand

    Hello, I have a question about Accipiter, not sure if it's the Japanese or the Eurasian Sparrowhawk. I found it in December last year. Songkhla lakeside area, Thailand Thank you.
  14. Azan Khan

    Plain Prinia or Jungle Prinia?

    Hello everyone, hope all are well. Can you help me figure this out. Is it Plain Prinia or Jungle Prinia? And what are the main pointers to differentiate non-br individuals in these species, since they look remarkably similar? Thanks :)) Date: Dec 2022 Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan Photo by...
  15. O

    Need ID for a prey bird

    Location is in Sothern westren Romania around the Serbian border, a field with forestry of oak wood around the "Victor Vlad Delamarin" village. The bird was flying away, got scared by some hunter's gunshot in distance. The bird was of prey and had a round head; which would maybe be a kestrel...
  16. SandhillCrane02

    Tips for Identifying Mallard vs Mottled vs Black Ducks

    Hey all, I've been having a hard time telling the differences between these three ducks. I have these photos from earlier that I'm almost certain are Mallards, but I find it difficult to tell based on the wings. I know they're definitely not Black Ducks because they do have white on their wings...
  17. ParisNorway

    Dzierżno Lake in Poland. November. Caspian gulls or Herring gulls?

  18. jurek

    Competition: AI for bird recording ID by Cornell

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology put a challenge to make a software to ID bird songs. The prize is $10,000: https://www.kaggle.com/competitions/birdclef-2022/ A colleague who works in IT commented: $10,000 would suffice for pizzas. ;) OK, maybe it is a labour of love
  19. Azan Khan

    Confusing Blue-Magpie from Pakistan

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. Can you please help me ID it? And share reasons why (why not) it is a Red-billed Blue-Magpie/ or Yellow-billed Blue-Magpie? I'd appreciate your valuable response to this post. Note: Red-billed Blue-Magpie hasn't been documented in Pakistan yet. Kind regards, Azan...
  20. K

    need help identifying a bird!

    hey! this little guy has been around my house for 3 days, seemingly unable to fly despite not having any injuries. in latvia. i took him away from my cats, offered some water and wet cat food but it won’t drink or eat. don’t know what to do; don’t want him to get eaten by my cats.
  21. S

    Feather Identification Help

  22. W

    Brown little bird fell in my house

    Hello, I live in Morocco, North Africa. A bird (pictures below) fell on the rooftop a few days ago and I fail to figure out what's wrong with it or how to help it. This is the information I gathered about it: It seems unable to fly but able to jump short distances. It doesn't bring its wings up...
  23. P

    Nestling identification

    Hi all, I’m a fosterer for our local wildlife rescue (in the UK) and got a newcomer in today, usually I’m pretty good at identifying my chicks but I have to say I’m at a blank on what this guy is. Identification guides are suggesting towards greenfinches, but it’s a heavy guess at best. Anyone...
  24. A

    Unusual Woodpecker ID in U.S. Taxidermy Collection

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post. I am a consulting conservator working with a natural history collection in an eastern U.S. nature center. Part of my job is to identify and catalogue each specimen, which has never formally been done, so many specimens do not have preexisting...
  25. D

    ID Help - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Any help with identifying these species would be very much appreciated. I have numbered them so it makes it easier to discuss. I have also written what I think each species might be as well as the date the image was captured (DD/MM/YY) 21) Plover (24/11/14) 22) Sandpiper (19/02/17) 23)...