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isabelline shrike

  1. Mouthful ...

    Mouthful ...

    ... spiders locusts ... and grasshoppers are their favorite food ... ... and there are plenty of them present in the wilderness around even during winters ... __________________ Isabelline Shrike Koladeo National Park 11 January 2024
  2. Isabelline shrike

    Isabelline shrike

    was waiting for a friend in a nearby garden, when this lovely one flew by so fast and landed on that perch. hope you like it.
  3. Interlude ...

    Interlude ...

    ... on their favorite perch ... Isabelline Shrike ... male _______________ Gurugram Haryana India
  4. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    many of them around the city since October, this is the first time i was able to get close to one. hope you like it.
  5. Precarious ...

    Precarious ...

    The setting ... looks precarious ... ... yet it is their favorite ... They use those thorns to stick their prey ... _________________ Isabelline Shrike Bhindawas Jhajjar : Haryana India 16 January 2023
  6. Isabelline shrike

    Isabelline shrike

    was passing by and saw this perched like this on a public garden, stopped the car and creeped my way behind it, finally he gave me this side look, and knew about me and disappeared in split second. hope you like it.
  7. Bandit without a mask ...

    Bandit without a mask ...

    First winter individuals may lack their hallmark mask ... there is a hint of it, present nonetheless ... This good looking dude was perched on a cross bar ... ... surveying the fields ... located the dead pigeon and flew on to it ... ____________ Isabelline Shrike Gurugram : Haryana...
  8. Hunter / scavenger ...

    Hunter / scavenger ...

    This is our first ever record of an Isabelline Shrike scavenging on a dead Blue Rock Pigeon ... This individual was sitting on the cross bar of an electric pole ... ... flew to the site and started feeding ... Info worth adding to the Opus Article ... One may watch the action in a...
  9. Isabelline Shrike : scavenging on a dead Rock Pigeon : Wild India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Isabelline Shrike : scavenging on a dead Rock Pigeon : Wild India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    First record of an Isabelline Shrike scavenging on a dead Rock Pigeon ... Gurugram Haryana India 21.12.2021
  10. A Closer Look ...

    A Closer Look ...

    Another close look at this pretty and petite species of Shrike ... To show lovely ... ... light vermiculation some of these beauties show ... not all of them, though ... Isabelline Shrike 5 December 2016 Dist. Gurgaon Haryana; India
  11. Isabelline...


    Isabelline ... Another lovely migratory Shrike species ... Was considered conspecific with Red-backed and Red-tailed Shrike species ... Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus
  12. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    been seeing them around in many places, but did not have time to go and have nice shots, here when i went to some farms east of Jeddah found it perched like this managed a few shots before he dissapear. hope you like it.
  13. Isabelline shrike

    Isabelline shrike

  14. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

  15. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    Please visit my website for more photos: www.ivansjogren.com 4th record for Sweden
  16. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    or maybe more correctly Daurian, always struggle to tell these apart
  17. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    a very pale 1st winter one, the adults are more attractive but still pale comparing to other types of shrikes we get here. its been a while since i posted a shot for one of those. thanks for viewing. love you all.
  18. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

  19. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    This is the vagrant Isabelline Shrike found in the Marjal d'Almenara, Spain. Quite far away from its range!
  20. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike sitting on a small thorny bush at a farm in Qatar.
  21. all the way from Turkestan

    all the way from Turkestan

    long time ago, before i join BF one of these beauties spend about 5 weeks (between Oct-Nov) in my garden. because of it decided to go back to photography that i stopped for about 8 years because of my studies and work. found this in the area around the college, usually that show in April, this...
  22. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline shrike minor cropping/sharpening/contrast
  23. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

    This was a long staying scarce Vagrant to the Shetland Islands, It Fed mostly on the Local Twite population storing them in a Rose Bush in a local Garden.
  24. Isabelline Shrike

    Isabelline Shrike

  25. Isabell the shrike

    Isabell the shrike

    A first for me, as in Norfolk,as I did have another first a few weeks ago in Suffolk,so one for each county,lol...