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isle of mull

  1. Isle of Mull Scotland.

    Isle of Mull Scotland.

    Our view from our Holiday Cottage on the Isle of Mull.
  2. Loch Na Keal

    Loch Na Keal

  3. One of his 5 a day?

    One of his 5 a day?

    We found another Hoodie in a picnic area. He was about to pick up an apple core. This was a better picture though, than one of him actualy with the apple. This is about my last picture from our wonderful May holiday, just one view left, and a SF image or two maybe. I do hope you enjoyed my...
  4. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

    There was a lovely tea room in Craignure, so we had to go in and treat ourselves to afternoon tea.... such lovely cakes!!! Before we went in I shot across the road to try and get this little waggie. He did give me a bit of a run-around along the sea wall LOL. Clive and Glen wondered where I'd...
  5. Hooded Crow

    Hooded Crow

    In the background you can see the reflection of the pillars of the Craignure ferry pier. The birds must get so used to the hustle and bustle every hour or so.
  6. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    We got dropped off back at Craignure for the lunch time ferry. However, we decided to hang around and explore the area a bit.... it had stopped raining!! I'd been hoping to get the little puff-puff train to Torosay Castle, but sadly it no longer runs as the new castle owner didn't want it...
  7. Greater Whitethroat

    Greater Whitethroat

    .... or Common Whitethroat if Mali prefers;) We moved on from the Eagles and tried a spot overlooking the Sound of Mull for any passing birds, and particularly otters, but nothing was moving in the gusty wind and in the poor light would have made id'ing anything pretty difficult anyway. So on...
  8. Tobermory


    Noooo not him LOL. This is the capital of the Isle of Mull The following day we were up even earlier for a trip to the Island of Coll, a new one for me. The ferry leaves at 7.15am and you have to be there by 7am as a foot passenger! Such a beautiful day; it was still only 8.30 when I took...
  9. Ben More and Loch Scridain

    Ben More and Loch Scridain

    The highest peak on the Isle of Mull. I actually took this picture trying desperately for images of the otters, but I just can't see them in amongst the rocks. They're really well camouflaged, aren't they. Somewhere around the little pool is where I thought they were. But with not being able to...
  10. Oystercatchers


    We were booked on the 7.30 ferry and I wanted to try and get to Grass Point (a place I loved to visit when we stayed on Mull some 15 years ago). However, the road was in a bad state of repair so was taking quite a while trying to avoid the potholes. Gave up in the end, so stopped with a nice...
  11. Loch Scridain

    Loch Scridain

    Now for the other disappointment of an otherwise wonderful day. We were the best part of an hour into the journey back through Mull and nearing the end of Loch Scridain, when we came across a couple intently looking through their bins. So I stopped to ask what they had got and it was otters! I...
  12. Male House Sparrow

    Male House Sparrow

    I don't know if he'd come down to build sand castles, though I didn't see his bucket and spade LOL. This was actually the last species I expected to see on the beach. Perhaps it was the shade he was after, it was a very hot day.
  13. St Ronan's Bay, Iona

    St Ronan's Bay, Iona

    Waiting for the ferry back to Fionnphort, Glenys had a paddle to cool down I just sat on a rock. What a beautiful scene to look at - I must share this, I thought.
  14. Away with you

    Away with you

    Some of you were observant enough to see that the Rook wasn't too pleased to have the heron patrolling 'his' field. It was almost as if he had youngsters in there, but I couldn't see any. Eventually the heron took flight and the Rook escorted him right off into the distance! Still in Landscape...
  15. Grey Heron and Rook

    Grey Heron and Rook

    The CC's gave up calling and I continued wandering and looking and listening somehow finding myself in the pottery and couldn't resist buying a little bowl. Then met up with Clive and Glen and had a nosey in the community store. They wanted to explore a bit more in the area, while I continued...
  16. Jackdaw


    This handsome Jackdaw was in the same field as the Rook - another bird with what looks to be a full crop, but I'm not sure what he head found to eat though LOL. Still on Landscape mode, which appears to work better on birds which are still doesn't it! A new trip tick
  17. House Sparrow

    House Sparrow

    A bit further along the lane, and more CC's calling and all I could find was a House Sparrow. Still at least he displayed for me and it was a trip tick LOL. ... and another ooops shot. Possibly explains why it might be a little out of focus?
  18. Rook


    The next field along produced this Rook... a trip tick. Is it me, or does he seem to have a full crop? Ooops... do you see what camera setting I had!!
  19. There's one there somewhere!

    There's one there somewhere!

    The next field along from the Wheatears is where I heard the first of the calling Corncrakes. Search as I might, i couldn't spot one, so took a picture of the area... maybe one of you can see it!!! This picture is looking past the abbey with the coast of Mull in the background. Re Mo's...
  20. Wheatear


    I had one main objective going to Iona really, and that was to 'see' Corncrake. I've heard loads of them over the years but never managed to spot one. This was to prove another such day; I heard a few but they wouldn't show themselves to me. I walked up behind the Abbey and actually heard two...
  21. Iona


    We boarded the ferry as foot passengers and this was taken about half-way across. The village is on the left with Iona Abbey (the focus for most of the visitors to the island) is more-or-less centred. The abbey was founded by St Columba and was the start of Christianty in Scotland. You can...
  22. Fionnphort


    Soooo.... some 4 hours after leaving our apartment, we arrive at the ferry port for the short crossing to Iona. This is the little bay where the ferry leaves from. The name is pronounced Fionnfort by some and Fionnafort by others. It's such a busy little place as Iona is a very popular...
  23. Red-breasted Merganser

    Red-breasted Merganser

    Oh how difficult this guy proved to be!! We were having coffee in the hotel at Bunessan when Glenys saw a blob out in the bay. Pretty distant, but I could tell it was a sawbill. As we drove round the bay afterwards, we pulled in where the heron was and had another look. Awkward sun, awkward...
  24. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    We left Loch Spelve and continued our journey along the long southern road passing through Glen More (big valley)... an obvious place to spot eagles. There was a guy parked up staring at the sky with his bins, so jammed on the brakes and piled out to have a look - turned out to be a Buzzard...
  25. Sandpiper


    Still at Loch Spelve, I impressed my brother by hearing a Sandpiper then managed to show him to them. Not the greatest of pictures, as the bright sun was in completely the wrong direction. I've lightened it a bit. This is the first picture I've taken of one for about 4 years and, of course...