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  1. Another farewell

    Another farewell

    This Red Squirrel had been a constant visitor for a few years at the Craighall feeders (at least I think it was the same one). Sadly this was the last time we saw him in mid July. So both the squirrels have gone and so far nothing has moved in to replace them at either feeding station.
  2. Just can't get at it!!!

    Just can't get at it!!!

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker was exploring a treehole with some determination. Guess there was something good to get at LOL Saturday fun
  3. Still in the yellow

    Still in the yellow

    Early July and juvenile Great Tits are independently feeding while still showing their yellowish white plumage. I wanted to tell you the story of the log feeder he was using. I'd had it a few years to use in the garden, the birds loved it and I couldn't keep up with refilling it. All the tits...
  4. Short tail

    Short tail

    Sadly I chopped off part of this Dunnock's tail!! OK not physically of course!!! I don't see these every visit, but am sure they always about; so can't resist taking their picture when they do pop out for a few minutes.
  5. Pair


    A pair of 'azurewings' near a vast palm plantation
  6. DSCN0626.jpg


  7. Blooming divas

    Blooming divas

    I was so nicely focused on the Jackdaw when who should appear but a Starling, very nearly blocking everything else out of the shot!! Although Jackdaws are around quite a lot, they don't usually visit the feeders, so I was a bit miffed LOL Saturday Fun, TTTW
  8. A red gape?

    A red gape?

    This appears to be a young Dunnock, but I've little experience with seeing fledgings. This one appears to have a red gape - I wonder if that is normal for them.
  9. Phantom Robin

    Phantom Robin

    What with one thing and another.... on top of a major laptop breakdown, I've very few images at the moment of local birds. Here's one that escaped the crash by still being on my camera LOL. Out with my friend to Craighall and he tried to take a picture of this young Robin on the gatepost...
  10. Force feeding

    Force feeding

    I spotted a young Great Tit in the trees and before I could react there was an adult (female I think) with food for him. It goes right to the back, doesn't it LOL.
  11. Practise


    ... does help! This was another of my friend's efforts. He was a bit quicker in getting the camera focused. Though I think the bill isn't quite right, perhaps it moved. It seems the Blackbird has almost finished the offerings on that gatepost.
  12. White face

    White face

    I had to grab the camera back from my friend, as a Great Tit landed in the trees on my side of the track. Some of you will know the struggles I have to get pictures of these at home, on the rare occasions they condescend to visit me. That's why its nice to go to Craighall, as there seems to be...
  13. Only Just

    Only Just

    The gatepost was on the left side of my car (for those that drive on the wrong side of the road, that's the passenger side LOL). So I shoved the camera into my friend's hand and got him to take the picture. By the time he'd worked out the controls he only managed this image and the next two...
  14. Gangland


    A load of young Starlings flocking together plotting their next raid on my window feeder!! This was most of the ringleaders, there were a few more on the other gable end, on the aerial and in the tree pretending not to be involved in the decision! TTTW
  15. Babies everywhere

    Babies everywhere

    A trip back to the Craighall feeders and there's a cute young Robin, not long out of the nest and already learned what a coconut half contains LOL Quick on the uptake some birds, aren't they.
  16. And then....

    And then....

    ..... there were SIX! I knew there were more but it was so difficult to count them as they were back and fro so quickly. I think I've seen more but again difficult. This is the most I've got in one picture. TTTW
  17. This is my favourite move

    This is my favourite move

    A Wood Pigeon looking on while the Black-headed Gull demonstrates his best ballet position. Couldn't resist this one for my Saturday Fun entry. That roof is quite steep and gulls, particularly, always struggle to climb it. TTTW
  18. The wee one

    The wee one

    Then an old friend appeared much further up the lochan. The lovely Little Grebe (or Dabchick). Too far away to get a really decent image, so I didn't attempt to crop too much, as I thought the setting was attractive anyway. The vegetation was looking really lush!
  19. Back on the Patch

    Back on the Patch

    A couple of days later we checked for the feeders, but still none. So we drove on up the Glen heading towards Glenshee, but turned off onto the Tullymurdoch road across the moor where we'd explored the previous day out. The weather wasn't as good and we really didn't see much, apart from a...
  20. Not on a stone....

    Not on a stone....

    ..... and not chatting! There was a small plantation of pine trees beside where we were standing and we could hear various things in there, so trying to watch might emerge. Somehow peripheral vision attracted my attention behind me and beyond the fence on a fallen tree some yards in I saw a...
  21. Flying High

    Flying High

    We went to the new feeding station, but now all the feeders had been taken down, so we scattered some seed on the ground, but little turned up. A discussion then followed and we decided to head for the hills. We set off past my old Up the Hill patch and turned onto the moor beyond. It's a...
  22. Wrap around

    Wrap around

    I'm sure he'd have tried to carry that nut feeder away, he seems to have really taken ownership of it, doesn't he.
  23. First in

    First in

    This Wood Pigeon was the first to come for breakfast, so had the full choice! Seems he's gone for the insect nibbles first. TTTW
  24. A first

    A first

    One night I saw this moth high up on the kitchen wall. Never seen one so dark and big before and got it identified as a Dark Arches in the forum. A lifer for me, one which I'd never heard of before. It had disappeared in the morning. I'm off out all day today to fetch my brother and sister...
  25. In case you were wondering

    In case you were wondering

    .... this is what it was like when I was trying to photograph the Sandpiper!!! After it had eased off, I had to leave to go to Forfar to get my week's shopping (good shops there). As I travelled east, I could see there was a huge cloud over the town and thought.... hmmmm raining there...