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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

juvenile immature

  1. Rufescent Tiger-Heron

    Rufescent Tiger-Heron

  2. Juvie Kingfisher.JPG

    Juvie Kingfisher.JPG

    Yawning is a mostly involuntary process of opening the mouth and breathing in deeply, filling the lungs with air (www.medicalnewstoday.com/). Same for KFs and their youngsters. Created a comfy place for this juvie today. I spotted them yesterday at a place/reservoir familiar to me. I received my...
  3. black redstart

    black redstart

  4. Great-tailed Grackles.jpg

    Great-tailed Grackles.jpg

    Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus prosopidicola) juvenile male begging food from mom.
  5. DSC_0438.JPG


    Double-Crested Cormorant juvenile looks on with curiosity as I slowly drift closer in my kayak to its perch on a log in the middle of the lake.
  6. Mississippi Kite (juvenile).jpg

    Mississippi Kite (juvenile).jpg

    Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis) juvenile.
  7. juvenile male downy woodpecker 1.jpg

    juvenile male downy woodpecker 1.jpg

  8. Juvenile male Downy Woodpecker..jpg

    Juvenile male Downy Woodpecker..jpg

    If you look closely you can see the little dots on the top of his head. This is the marking of a Juvenile.


    I shot this over the weekend also of this mama Mottled Duck watching over her babies as they were swimming around. She keeps them in the shallow part of the run off from one lake to another. One side has several Alligators and the other I think is clear of gators but I am not sure. For the most...
  10. Teenage Grackle

    Teenage Grackle

    Immature Grackle
  11. -----Flycatcher-Scissor-tailed-Juv-KS-DSCN1723 copy 2.jpgDSCN1726 copy 2.jpg

    -----Flycatcher-Scissor-tailed-Juv-KS-DSCN1723 copy 2.jpgDSCN1726 copy 2.jpg

    Juvenile Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. I was photographing reptiles and noticed this youngster on the fence. I hadn't seen one in a few years, so it was a nice encounter.
  12. Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile).jpg

    Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile).jpg

    Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus lineatus) juvenile.
  13. American Crow (juvenile).jpg

    American Crow (juvenile).jpg

    American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos brachyrhynchos) juvenile.
  14. Merganser2.jpg


    Common Merganser mother helping her chicks become strong swimmers. She was guiding them up the fastest rapids of a mountain river. Once they got to the top of the rapids, she would have them float back down and start over again, and again.
  15. Lawrence's Goldfinch

    Lawrence's Goldfinch

    Note the blurry ventral streaking on this recently fledged juvenile. These juveniles can be confused with Pine Siskins. Note also the broad buffy tips to the greater coverts and tertials characteristic of Lawrence's juvenal plumage.
  16. A tired juvie

    A tired juvie

    Immature Brown Thrasher Got tired chasing its parent around for food so it just sort of collapsed for a bit.
  17. Mallard


  18. Baltimore Oriole

    Baltimore Oriole

    This juvenile Baltimore Oriole was going to my feeder and went and sat in this tree. I managed to get a good shot of it because it was right outside my bedroom window.
  19. New Kid on the Block  (Sialia Sialis)

    New Kid on the Block (Sialia Sialis)

    Eastern Bluebird. First day out of the nest. Mom and Dad Bluebird are going crazy trying to keep up with it and fend off danger.
  20. Cooper's Hawk (juvenile).jpg

    Cooper's Hawk (juvenile).jpg

    Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) Juvenile.
  21. Coot-1-2.jpg


    American Coot feeding young (fulica americana)
  22. Teenage Jay

    Teenage Jay

    The blue jay is between 9 and 12 inches in length. It is bright blue on top and white to gray on its throat, chest and belly. It has a gray-blue crest on its head and black and white bars on its wings and tail. Its bill, legs and feet are black.
  23. Starling young

    Starling young

    Have several youngsters coming to the yard with their parents.
  24. Canada Goose

    Canada Goose

    Horicon Marsh State/National Wildlife Refuge
  25. Ask Dad

    Ask Dad

    A Canadian Family in California. :)