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  1. Tufted ducklings

    Tufted ducklings

  2. Female tufted duck with ducklings

    Female tufted duck with ducklings

  3. But Daddy.........

    But Daddy.........

    "You told me I'd find bugs in here" Juvenile Brown-headed Nuthatch. They are so gray they look like Pigmy Nuthatches but they're not ;) A small nuthatch of the southeastern pine forests. Found in pairs or family groups all year, it is often heard before it is seen;
  4. Juvenile goldcrest

    Juvenile goldcrest

  5. Juvenile pied wagtail

    Juvenile pied wagtail

  6. Juvenile Bearded Reedling

    Juvenile Bearded Reedling

  7. Juvenile song thrush

    Juvenile song thrush

  8. Juvenile Great Crested Grebe

    Juvenile Great Crested Grebe

  9. Beg/ demand ...

    Beg/ demand ...

    Demand pose ... Another frame of ... the same juvie whose image I shared yesterday ... ... the moment his parent appeared on the nearby branch ... with a beak-full of food ... he assumed demand / begging pose ... Video-clip of the parent feeding him is available on BFTv ... but is...
  10. Juvenile goldcrest

    Juvenile goldcrest

  11. Juvenile white-throated dipper

    Juvenile white-throated dipper

    I think it's a juvenile because it lacks the chestnut band.
  12. Juvenile great spotted woodpecker

    Juvenile great spotted woodpecker

  13. Juvenile Little Crake

    Juvenile Little Crake

  14. Juvenile brambling

    Juvenile brambling

  15. Juvenile goldcrest

    Juvenile goldcrest

  16. Juvenile jay

    Juvenile jay

  17. Juvenile willow warbler

    Juvenile willow warbler

  18. Juvenile chaffinch

    Juvenile chaffinch

  19. Juvenile robin

    Juvenile robin

  20. Lancol.jpg


    Juvenile Red-Backed Shrike
  21. Juvenile willow tit

    Juvenile willow tit

  22. Juvenile wren

    Juvenile wren

  23. Looks like Tree Sparrow

    Looks like Tree Sparrow

    The color looks like odd dark to be Eurasian Tree Sparrow but that is the only possible for such sized and shaped small bird. Probably Juvenile. Also the white furr on its cheek pointed likely to be tree sparrow. Taken in open space with human nearby. What do you think?
  24. Juvenile loon

    Juvenile loon

  25. Juvenile wren

    Juvenile wren