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  1. Juvenile Green Woodpecker

    Juvenile Green Woodpecker

  2. Henry Sharp

    Juvenile bird - Stonechat? Whinchat?

    Who knows what this is? Juvenile Stonechat, Whinchat or something else? 17 May, province of Cadiz, south of Spain.
  3. Juvenile mute swan

    Juvenile mute swan

  4. Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Borneo

    Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Borneo

    A juvenile Wallace's Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus nanus) 華氏鹰鵰 in hunting mode
  5. Pale-breasted Thrush

    Pale-breasted Thrush

    Several features make me feel that this is most likely a juvenile bird, such as the buffy spots on the back and some spotting on the breast that is less visible on this photo. Subspecies albiventer
  6. Juvenile Common Ringed Plover

    Juvenile Common Ringed Plover

  7. Babyface


    This juvenile Hooded Robin seemed to be becoming a little more independent as I couldn't spot the parents in the immediate vicinity.
  8. Rufous-bellied Eagle vs Black Hornbill, Borneo

    Rufous-bellied Eagle vs Black Hornbill, Borneo

    A young Rufous-bellied Eagle is stalking a male Black Hornbill. Fortunately, nothing happened. The Black Hornbill made numerous loud calls with his female mate not far away. Soon after, the Black Hornbill flew away, and the Rufous-bellied Eagle remained at the same location until it, too, flew away.
  9. Juvenile Ruff

    Juvenile Ruff

  10. The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    He seems to have learnt that look very quickly and has it down pat already!! Great Spotted Woodpecker Juvenile in the feeding area. I'm not sure if we have placed the feeders on the edge of two adjacent territories, as we've seen both male and female adults chasing off young ones, but being OK...
  11. The Brothers (Juvenile European Penduline Tits)

    The Brothers (Juvenile European Penduline Tits)

  12. Juvenile European Penduline Tit

    Juvenile European Penduline Tit

  13. Peregrine juvenile

    Peregrine juvenile

    The juvenile live with its parents in a small seabird breeding island of east China.
  14. P

    Injured juvenile barn swallow

    Hello! A juvenile barn swallow was found on the ground at a horse farm. It was trying to fly up onto a concrete area, but couldn't because the concrete area was too high (only about 2 inches). Upon investigation, the bird's wings were injured, with the flight feathers on the halves of the...
  15. Striated Heron Juvenile/Immature/Adult, Borneo

    Striated Heron Juvenile/Immature/Adult, Borneo

    I was fortunate to see a juvenile, immatures, and adults all in one location. Striated Heron (Butorides striata) 綠鷺
  16. Rufous-bellied Eagle Juvenile, Borneo

    Rufous-bellied Eagle Juvenile, Borneo

    Somewhere in the forest of Sarawak. A young Rufous-bellied Eagle (Lophotriorchis kienerii) 棕腹隼鵰 is hiding. It kept flying from one tree to another in the same location. Based on its behavior, it appears to be in the process of hunting or, more precisely, learning to hunt. Unfortunately, it gave...
  17. Red-throated diver

    Red-throated diver

    Adult and juvenile in their home pond.
  18. Sooty Boubou

    Sooty Boubou

  19. Juvenile Whiskered Tern

    Juvenile Whiskered Tern

  20. Little Blue detail

    Little Blue detail

    This one is more about the claw and the beak of a little blue who let me closely watch its preening.
  21. Juvenile Little Blue with feather definition

    Juvenile Little Blue with feather definition

    So often very white or very black birds look like blobs of color. I liked this one because I got some contrast.
  22. Juvenile shag

    Juvenile shag

  23. Then the bairns arrive

    Then the bairns arrive

    Then one that caught me out rather, I knew it was a Red Wattlebird, but there was something different about it. Turned out it was a juvenile.
  24. Juvenile Green Woodpecker

    Juvenile Green Woodpecker

  25. Goldcrest brood

    Goldcrest brood

    I think there was 6 or 7 of these and adults feeding them.