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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Diverse


    Our next stop was a parking area for the J S Fishers Lookout. And what impressive views to be had from there too. Wandering about and looking down into the bushes and trees I spotted this young Variegated Fairywren. He was rather kinder than the adults who just never seemed to stop moving. He...
  2. Exploring


    We had a rather nice lunch in the cafe run by the boat company, then drove along the promenade where there were plenty of pull-in areas and car parks. In one we found this young Masked Lapwing. Didn't see an adult anywhere near him though.
  3. Butcher in training

    Butcher in training

    After a few hours long driving, we arrived at Mount Nimmel, our campsite base for the next few days. It's half-way up the mountains behind Gold Coast. We had rather comfortable cabins and there was a communal cookhouse. One of the first species to greet us was a young Pied Butcherbird. I did...
  4. Unsure


    The rain hadn't yet greened things up much, but this young Australian Magpie didn't seem to mind, think he was just relieved to have had some rain!
  5. Keeping close

    Keeping close

    The youngster wasn't far from mum, in fact he was between his parents. Bourke's Parrot have a widespread range across southern Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia but these were the only ones I saw, despite visiting those other two states as well. They feed on the ground.
  6. Youngsters


    We were nearly back at the homestead when we encountered another family of Emus with about 7 juveniles. It might be easier to count the legs LOL
  7. Owling ball.....Tawny owl

    Owling ball.....Tawny owl

  8. Aaaaw!


    Sorry, couldn't resist that caption for this wee Pied Stilt. He looks to be all legs still, doesn't he. These guys have two other alternative names in White-headed Stilt and Australian Stilt.
  9. Getting used to walking

    Getting used to walking

    After H&J had settled themselves into their room, Judy and I went and sat beside what I'll call the Homestead Dam (not too sure if that was the official name though). This young Black-fronted Dotterel came wandering towards us, I think he's still learning how to walk LOL.
  10. Bandit


    After the long, long hours of driving the previous day, we only needed a half day to reach Cunnamulla in time for lunch. First though, we stopped for fuel on the outskirts of the town and there beside the forecourt were a family of Banded Lapwing - this is a youngster, who was rather kinder to...
  11. A real  treat

    A real treat

    Then another Lifer.... coming thick and fast in this small outback town. A Restless Flycatcher (presumably a female) with two youngsters. I think she must have been calling to her mate to come with some food!!
  12. Juvenile Crested Goshawk taking off

    Juvenile Crested Goshawk taking off

  13. Have you got anything for me Dad?

    Have you got anything for me Dad?

    A young Pied Butcherbird was near the adult, for a handout.
  14. Nankeen Night-heron, juvenile

    Nankeen Night-heron, juvenile

    This bird is transitioning from juvenile to adult plumage
  15. Black redstart juvenile

    Black redstart juvenile

  16. Neotropic Cormorants (adult and 1st yr bird).jpg

    Neotropic Cormorants (adult and 1st yr bird).jpg

    Neotropic Cormorants (Phalacrocorax brasilianus mexicanus) adult in background and 1st yr bird in foreground.
  17. Caspian Tern

    Caspian Tern

    I am not an expert photographer but every once in a while I go back to look at this picture; and I just feel in peace with the world. Caspian Tern: adult on the left feeding juvenile on the right.
  18. Cooper's Hawk (1st yr bird).jpg

    Cooper's Hawk (1st yr bird).jpg

    Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) 1st yr bird.
  19. Dunnock


  20. Great Crested Grebe family

    Great Crested Grebe family

    Great Crested Grebe family
  21. Phantom Robin

    Phantom Robin

    What with one thing and another.... on top of a major laptop breakdown, I've very few images at the moment of local birds. Here's one that escaped the crash by still being on my camera LOL. Out with my friend to Craighall and he tried to take a picture of this young Robin on the gatepost...
  22. Juvenile Chestnut-sided Warbler

    Juvenile Chestnut-sided Warbler

    A juvenile picking at bugs on my front yard. They jumped and grabbed at the bugs, so funny to watch.
  23. Black-crested Titmouse, 1st yr bird.jpg

    Black-crested Titmouse, 1st yr bird.jpg

    Black-crested Titmouse (Baeolophus atricristatus paloduro) 1st yr bird.
  24. The Terrible Twins

    The Terrible Twins

    Up on the branch of a tree we spotted these two fledgling Willie-wagtails. I think they're waiting for mum or dad to come back with some food.
  25. Baby Barbet

    Baby Barbet

    Not exactly a baby- a toddler! Coppersmith Barbet / Crimson-breasted Barbet Image cropped, re-sized, levels adjusted and minimally sharpened. Thank you for your kind appreciation of my previous posts.