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  1. C

    Singing Cisticola? (Mar. 2021, Nairobi, Kenya)

    I would appreciate thoughts on these Cisticolas.
  2. L

    RFI : car + driver for Tsavo NP + Taita Hills

    Good evening, I'm looking for a good plan to rent a car+driver for a 6 days visit to Tsavo East/West, Taita Hills and maybe Amboseli NP. I got a quote for a tour company but at 5000$ for 2 for 5 days I've the feeling that it's a bit too expensive for me :sick: Can you recommend me some local...
  3. Hybrid Lovebird

    Hybrid Lovebird

    Yes they exist! Here in Kenya we have a feral population of Fischers and Yellow-collared lovebirds - they have crossbred and multiplied with most of the hybrids being fertile! Not sure what SN to tag this as, happy to take the lead from the moderators.
  4. Spotted Thick-knee

    Spotted Thick-knee

    These guys are not the easiest to spot because of their camouflage and habit of staying very still. But they're actually quite common and spread across much of Eastern and Southern Africa.
  5. Martial Eagle

    Martial Eagle

    One of the biggest and most powerful raptors in Africa. Looking at that impressive wingspan, you just know they can tackle big prey!
  6. East Coast Akalat

    East Coast Akalat

    A much sharper image than the one I uploaded for the Opus article a year ago: https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/east-coast-akalat.644912/ These are a shy forest robin found only in coastal forests of Eastern Africa. Always a treat to seem them!
  7. Arctic Skua

    Arctic Skua

    AKA Parasitic jaeger. This is a 2nd year pelagic bird that is mostly seen far offshore. So I was really lucky to find this one blown to shore by the rough winds. A proper rarity for us in Kenya.
  8. Secretary Bird

    Secretary Bird

    The serpent killer! This majestic, beautiful and unique bird is only found in Africa - unfortunately they are now a species with a steep population decline, and need to be protected. Kicker of a scientific name too!
  9. Scaly babbler

    Scaly babbler

    This East African endemic is rather shy but can be very territorial, like this one that came out looking for a fight after hearing an unfamiliar call! Happy Friday everybody!
  10. White-necked Raven

    White-necked Raven

    The largest Corvid we have in Africa. They are mostly found in high altitudes close to hills and mountains of Eastern and Southern Africa.
  11. Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher

    Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher

    A very long name for such a sweet and shy bird. They are mainly found on the Eastern coastal strip of Africa, from Somali all the way to South Africa.
  12. Golden Pipit

    Golden Pipit

    Taking an early morning stroll in search of breakfast. These strikingly colourful birds are like flowers found in the semi arid and arid zones of East Africa.
  13. White-throated Bee-eater

    White-throated Bee-eater

    I love the rainbow colours these birds have. They are Intra-African migrants and usually migrate between Western, Central and Eastern Africa. Compare him with this Little Bee-eater I posted a while back - one of my best shots on a personal level :)...
  14. Collared Pratincole

    Collared Pratincole

    These guys are mostly known as Palearctic migrants. But actually we also have resident populations that occur in major wetlands like river deltas and estuaries across Africa!
  15. Red-cheeked cordon bleu

    Red-cheeked cordon bleu

    A very long name for such a small little bird. They're one of the most common birds in East Africa, many have adapted to living around people in towns and cities.
  16. Terrestrial brownbul

    Terrestrial brownbul

    This elusive forest bird is especially difficult to see out in the open. They are mostly found in the dense coastal bush and forests from Kenya all the way to the East coast of South Africa.
  17. Swamp Flycatcher

    Swamp Flycatcher

    Very cute little birds that prefer to be around freshwater.
  18. Lesser Masked Weaver

    Lesser Masked Weaver

    This beautiful white-eyed weaver is common across much of Eastern Africa.
  19. Northern Black Flycatcher

    Northern Black Flycatcher

    Northern Black Flycatcher, sitting a prickly branch. They are common in western Kenya and much of Uganda.
  20. Woodland Kingfisher

    Woodland Kingfisher

    An absolutely stunning bird with striking turquoise blue wings and a scarlet red upper beak.
  21. African Darter

    African Darter

    African Darter, drying off in the sun - a stunning bird in breeding plumage. They are quite common and found in wetlands all over Sub-saharan Africa.
  22. African Jacana

    African Jacana

    Look at their long feet! It helps them forage on floating vegetation. These iconic birds are found around wetlands all across Sub-saharan Africa.
  23. Tawny-flanked Prinia

    Tawny-flanked Prinia

    This little bird is probably one of the most common bush birds in East Africa - often heard before it's seen.
  24. Pearl spotted owlet

    Pearl spotted owlet

    One of my favourite owls. They have been a challenge for me to photograph for quite a while. So I was over the moon when I managed this shot.
  25. Eastern Paradise-Whydah

    Eastern Paradise-Whydah

    Eastern Paradise-Whydah, also called Long-tailed Paradise-Whydah. In Kenya this bird is commonly called 'Mkia kisu' in the local Kiswahili language, which translates to knife tail.