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leucophaeus atricilla

  1. Laughing Gulls

    Laughing Gulls

    Laughing Gulls (Leucophaeus atricilla megalopterus)
  2. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull (Leucophaeus atricilla megalopterus)
  3. Calamari is Ready!

    Calamari is Ready!

    A Laughing Gull drags to shore a dead squid
  4. Pre-digital rarity: Laughing Gull

    Pre-digital rarity: Laughing Gull

    Taken in 1992 using a budget lens (and scanned from a print) the quality of this image isn't great, but having posted so many Herring and other gulls commonly occurring in Britain, I thought this 1st-winter Laughing Gull would make a change. As at 2019, there were 202 British records of this...
  5. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    First found by Donna Pomeroy, I believe this is the 7th or 8th Laughing Gull record for San Mateo County. Similar to Franklin's Gull, Laughing Gull differs in its larger size, longer bill and having less white in its wing-tips. First cycle birds such as this differ in having a less contrasting...
  6. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    Flying over a coastal salt marsh
  7. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    By far the most abundant gull on the Texas Coast, this pair is showing the full black heads of breeding plumage. Males average slightly larger than females so I judge the bird in the back to be the male. Similar to Franklin's Gull, Laughing Gull differs in its larger size, longer bill and having...
  8. Laughing gull

    Laughing gull

    A laughing gull watching the people on the boardwalk.
  9. Laughing Gull 3919.jpg

    Laughing Gull 3919.jpg

    Laughing Gull
  10. Laughing Gull.JPG

    Laughing Gull.JPG

    The Laughing Gull here is in its winter plumage. The breeding plumage has a black hood.
  11. Laughing Gull immature

    Laughing Gull immature

    I was at the beach on a place where fishermen comes in. One of them threw a bucketful of fish offal into the water, and this gull was one of the ones picking off as much as it could get.
  12. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

  13. Laughing


    A Laughing Gull to be precise and they actually sound as though they are laughing hysterically when they call out.
  14. laughing gull

    laughing gull

    cuba 2015
  15. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull as the sun begins to set on Jekyll Island, GA.
  16. Laughing Gull in non-breeding plumage

    Laughing Gull in non-breeding plumage

    I went downtown the other day and snapped some photos when my beloved Georgia Bulldogs were getting demolished by the Carolina Gamecocks. I wasn't sure what this was however it was identified here and my reason for not knowing was this is the non-breeding plumage for laughing out loud. The...
  17. Not sure

    Not sure

    I know it's a Laughing Gull but can't figure out what it dived numerous times to pick up what it is in its mouth. Any thoughts?
  18. Franklin's Gull

    Franklin's Gull

    Hope I identified it correctly. My wife calls it a laughing gull but that's slang isn't it?
  19. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull (Larus atricilla megalopterus) Adult.
  20. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

  21. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

  22. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    In Busch Gardens
  23. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull

    Bahia Principie Riveara Maya mexico
  24. Long winged friend

    Long winged friend

    Very common yet longest wingspan of any North American gull.
  25. Laughing Gull

    Laughing Gull