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  1. Mountains and Mole Hills

    Mountains and Mole Hills

    A Robin stood upon a freshly dug mole hill. As well as the chance of a couple of worms, I imagine it was a warmer place under foot, for the Robin, on this frosty, chilly morning. https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  2. Chat In The Sun

    Chat In The Sun

    Stonechat - male https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  3. Where Sun's Are Born

    Where Sun's Are Born

    I was surprised to discover the place from where each days new sun arrives ;) https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  4. Aglow in Winter Gold

    Aglow in Winter Gold

    Hi everyone, its been a while since my last upload :) This photo of a female Reed Bunting was taken back in January 2019 https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  5. The Ecstasy of Gold

    The Ecstasy of Gold

    A rather snazzy little coastal creek squiggling along which periodically breaks through the golden sands to the sea beyond. The tannin stained water provides a nice contrast to the beach which looked like a bar of gold bullion in the afternoon light. The rainbow of light illuminating it was like...
  6. Changing of the light

    Changing of the light

    Changing of the light ~ 3 ...... 7:14pm Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  7. Changing of the light

    Changing of the light

    Changing of the light ~ 2 ...... 7:11pm Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  8. Changing of the light

    Changing of the light

    Changing of the Light ~ 1 ..... 7:05pm Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  9. As above - So below

    As above - So below

    As above ...... So below Perfect mirror - watch your thoughts Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  10. The Light

    The Light

    The Light ..... do you see it? :) *teehee* Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  11. Golden  Hour

    Golden Hour

    Amazing golden colour taken on by the sandstone escarpment during the last rays of light of the afternoon.
  12. Hey Sister  Soul Sista

    Hey Sister Soul Sista

    The big Sister - "Meehni" ...... 3 Sisters - Blue Mountains National Park. Image Copyright Chosun Juan
  13. Three  Sisters

    Three Sisters

    A dramatic part of the sandstone escarpment of the World Heritage listed upper Blue Mountains National Park. Aboriginal legend has it that 3 sisters ("Meehni", "Wimlah", and "Gunnedoo" ) were turned to stone by an elder to protect then from marrying 3 men from a...
  14. The  Secret  Path

    The Secret Path

    The Path ..... are you drawn? Do you see light, or just have a 'feeling' of something 'more' that you should be headed towards? ...... If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise ..... can you see the teddy bear spirit at the top of the path? holding its forefinger up to...
  15. Tree Spirit .... yes,  they're  A - L - I - V - E   !

    Tree Spirit .... yes, they're A - L - I - V - E !

    I can't believe I haven't thought to post this until now :) Maybe you've seen the trees shimmer in vibrational alignment, maybe you 'feel' connected, or 'know' ..... or maybe not ..... maybe you understand the importance of Old Growth Riparian habitat for the many species that depend on them -...
  16. Kangaroos in the Mist

    Kangaroos in the Mist

    A cold, misty, winters morning saw the resident mob of kangaroos silhouetted against the early morning light in amongst the creekside gums. Colour film photo that strangely turned out almost monochromatic to add to the surrealness of that beautiful still morning.
  17. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    I was sitting down watching the sunset on the beach after a long walk, just enjoying the glorious, beautifully golden, ethereal light, and gentle, peaceful rhythm of the waves. Truly magic. It was all very Zen. JLS casually approached me and I'd like to think we had a 'moment' .... of course...
  18. Light and Color

    Light and Color

    Took this picture while out in the forest one day.
  19. Hanging Out in Milford's Barn

    Hanging Out in Milford's Barn

    Milford kept cattle, sheep, pigs and hens and farmed till he was 97. Now only Barn Swallows hang out in the barn.
  20. Autumn Light ...Grey Heron,Little Egret

    Autumn Light ...Grey Heron,Little Egret

    Taken On Bulbourne Moor,Hemel Hempstead.
  21. Lakescape - 224

    Lakescape - 224

    In search of Light ... ... and Light we got ______________________ After capturing that group of Flamingos the other evening ... ... against the light of a setting sun ... it was my turn to be on the side of the light ... On our last Birding-day out ... on 13.12.13 ... It is another...
  22. Angiography


    Photographic - Angiography __________________________ I think it can safely be termed a Photographic - Angiography Image ( LOL ) .... ... direction of light allowed the blood-vessels in the Pelican pouch to shine through ... Got a bit excited about it ... when I saw this on...
  23. Lancashire Lemon and Lime

    Lancashire Lemon and Lime

  24. Length Of Day

    Length Of Day

  25. Shards of Autumn Light

    Shards of Autumn Light