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little corella

  1. Little Corella

    Little Corella

    Little Corellas
  2. Little Corella 'westralensis'

    Little Corella 'westralensis'

    This is the more common Corella around Rockingham and Safety Bay, WA
  3. SF "Can I help you dearie?"

    SF "Can I help you dearie?"

    Reminded me of a Pantomime Character from my childhood when granny used to take us to the theatre at Christmas time.......a very pleasant experience most of the time LOl but not when the wicked witch turned up...........hope you all get a smile!
  4. In the shade

    In the shade

    The only parrot species I saw that day .... and where was he but in the shade!!!! We were now out of the swamp and making our way towards the car park.
  5. In the shade

    In the shade

    How neatly they positioned themselves to fit into that shadow from the tree! I'm sure they knew I wanted to take a picture of them!! We've got a Little Corella there with Galah. I think that may be the first time I got a picture with both of them together.
  6. Corrie


    On top of a dead tree, way out in the middle of the water, were two Little Corellas. Looks like they're up to mischief to me LOL
  7. Wait for me!

    Wait for me!

    This was part of the group of Little Corellas we found on the outskirts of Peterborough on our way to Gluepot. As I started taking pictures, the one in the lead took off. The second suddenly noticed and off he went as well, obviously not wanting to be left behind!! Or maybe not trusting who...
  8. Little


    We didn't have to move far for in the very next tree was this pretty Little Corella. I could see this was going to be one of those neck-breaking sessions, staring up into tall trees!
  9. Ol' Blue Eyes

    Ol' Blue Eyes

    We were back at the homestead now, evening coming with low sun and long shadows. A Little Corella was feeding in the yard. Australian birds are really clever at keeping out of the sun LOL
  10. Little


    The next morning early breakfast in the beer garden, cases packed ready to decamp to the cabin at Bowra, for there was now a room for me too. Just before we turned off towards the Bowra road we came across a Little Corella feeding on the weed seeds on the verge.
  11. Little white one

    Little white one

    There really was quite an assortment of species using this dam. Here's a Little Corella, wasn't expecting that, as I was looking for waders LOL
  12. Little Corellas

    Little Corellas

  13. Three in a Row

    Three in a Row

    Little Corella, South Perth, Western Australia
  14. Pretty in white

    Pretty in white

    One of the main objects for visiting Tygum, was to see the large number of Corellas there. This was just one of them! Pretty birds, aren't they.
  15. Who, meee?

    Who, meee?

    Gotta love the "expression" on these guys. All puppy-eyes and fake innocence :-O "Who? Me?Nooo! I would never make all that noise. I'm just an innocent little bird!"
  16. Little Corellas

    Little Corellas

    A family was setting up for a wedding on a patch of lawn between two ponds and some woodland areas. A lovely setting, but just then a massive flock of Little Corellas landed raucously in one of the woodlands and the fruit bats (a recent survey had counted something like 15000 of them there) were...
  17. Little Corella in flight

    Little Corella in flight

    This is the smallest of our whitish Cockatoos,found sometimes in huge flocks of thousands and can be very destructive to man made crops
  18. Little Corella

    Little Corella

  19. Little Corella

    Little Corella

    There was a small flock present in Enmore Park in the early morning. They are attractive but destructive!!
  20. Little Corella in flight

    Little Corella in flight

    One of our white Cockatoos,the Little Corella is common throughout its range and a pair visits us on our place regularly.
  21. Little Corella

    Little Corella

  22. Little Corella

    Little Corella

  23. Little Corella

    Little Corella

    Always a flock of these alongside the road on the way to Sandy Camp Rd wetlands
  24. Little Corella

    Little Corella

    Sue caught this group in a eucalyptus tree.
  25. little Corellas

    little Corellas