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london uk

  1. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    To my eye this looks rather as if the bird has been pasted on to the background from another file. It hasn't! Just a trick of the light. Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  2. Eurasian Jay

    Eurasian Jay

    Thanks for the kind comments on the Herring Gull. This Jay was 56 yards away, so quite a heavy crop and a slightly soft image (I don't like sharpening too much these days). The bird was on a big tree I call the Far Pine, which does get some good birds, including Sparrowhawks and (in winter)...
  3. European Herring Gull

    European Herring Gull

    This is the bird I posted a different shot of last November. It flew very close past my window, none have been quite so obliging since. Perhaps a 2nd-winter, I could be wrong. See you in the morning folks. Stay safe and well. John
  4. Redwing


    Until 10 January this year, when three Redwings appeared on a distant tree, the last time I'd seen one was in February 2019 (ie there were none at all last winter). Several birds, including this one, were much closer this morning, albeit in poor light. Thank you for your comments on my...
  5. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

    The Pied Wagtail of 29 December showed again on 8 January, a little further off but allowing shots from a more conventional angle (albeit in poor light, ISO 2000). It looks like a female. My mobility being a problem, I've seen the species only three times since 2015 (though on each occasion it's...
  6. Common Wood Pigeons

    Common Wood Pigeons

    I took about 30 shots of these birds, but this will be the third and last for the Gallery. Happy New Year all! We can but hope. (After uploading this, I noticed you can see the head and eye of the male).
  7. Friendly Carrion Crow

    Friendly Carrion Crow

    Thank you for the kind comments on the Pied Wagtail. This, from 10 days ago, was the third date on which a Carrion Crow chose to perch right outside my open window and pose for photographs at almost point blank range. The bird certainly knew I was there, and wasn't bothered. It would be nice to...
  8. Common Wood Pigeons

    Common Wood Pigeons

    No way of avoiding that pesky branch in the way, but you get the idea. Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  9. Common Wood Pigeons

    Common Wood Pigeons

    The first of a series...
  10. Feral pigeon SF

    Feral pigeon SF

    Heavy crop, a fairly distant bird. Possibly not the most beautiful or interesting of species, but I thought this one looked rather charming in its own way (it may look rather oversharpened, but in fact I applied less sharpening than usual). They're fast fliers: this was taken at 1/4000th...
  11. Grey Wagtail

    Grey Wagtail

    From my third floor flat there's a view onto a small electricity substation with a flat roof. Until 2015, pools of rainwater would collect there, and in winter this sometimes attracted Grey Wagails (they would feed on invertebrates in the water). Once they discovered this place, they tended to...
  12. Common Gull (Mew Gull)

    Common Gull (Mew Gull)

    The is the first time I've photographed a perched Common Gull since starting DSLR photography (I might have taken pics of them back in the days of SLR, can't remember). It's another long distance shot from my open widow, on a misty day: the bird was 115 yards (105 metres) away. It was with two...
  13. European Herring Gull

    European Herring Gull

    Not sure of the age of this bird, best guess 2nd-winter. Once again I'm way behind on my browsing, and need to catch up with what you've all been doing tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, thank you for your comments, and stay safe and well. John
  14. Crow


    Monochrome, silhouette. I fancied doing something different (and possibly a touch sinister). Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  15. Black-headed Gull

    Black-headed Gull

    Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  16. Great Tit

    Great Tit

    Some of the smaller passerines in Hyde Park are very confiding - many visitors feed them with peanuts. Give a whistle, hold out your hand with a nut on it and a Blue Tit or a Great Tit will probably land and take it...this Great Tit was almost too close to focus on.
  17. Northern Wheatear

    Northern Wheatear

    Nice to capture this male Northern Wheatear in Hyde Park today, a very scarce spring passage migrant in central London. That's a London taxi in the background.
  18. Common Gadwall female

    Common Gadwall female

    And the object of desire...
  19. White-winged Black Tern

    White-winged Black Tern

    Over Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park this morning.