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lophodytes cucullatus

  1. Hooded Merganser 1270.jpg

    Hooded Merganser 1270.jpg

    Hooded Merganser
  2. Hooded merganser.jpg

    Hooded merganser.jpg

    A male Hooded Merganser stretches his wings.
  3. Hooded Merganser Male and Females.

    Hooded Merganser Male and Females.

    I rate these up there with the Wood Ducks. In other words, they are like my favorites of the Duck World here in the North America Continent.
  4. Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Male Hooded Merganser
  5. Hooded Merganser.jpg

    Hooded Merganser.jpg

    Upon my exit from Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina I spotted these beautiful ducks. Even the unlucky get lucky sometimes.
  6. Hooded mergansers

    Hooded mergansers

    Male hooded mergansers showing off their 'hoods'
  7. Hooded Merganser

    Hooded Merganser

    Smallish duck with flamboyant crest. Raised in this picture to attract nearby female. Males (pictured here) have a black back, white breast, and chestnut flanks. Females are overall tawny gray brown.
  8. Hooded Merganser

    Hooded Merganser

    These elegant fish-eating ducks prefer shady ponds but also occur in bays and estuaries in winter. I felt lucky to capture these males displaying in full sunlight with crests raised reflected in the water looking like a pinwheel. These North American endemics are the only members of the genus...
  9. Hooded Merganser, Male

    Hooded Merganser, Male

    At Huntington Beach State Park, SC
  10. Hooded Merganser & reflection

    Hooded Merganser & reflection

    I didn't know the reflected color was in my shot... now I must go back to that wetland and see what it could be!
  11. Hooded Mergansers

    Hooded Mergansers

  12. Hooded Merganser 1302.jpg

    Hooded Merganser 1302.jpg

    Hooded Merganser
  13. Male Hooded merganser

    Male Hooded merganser

    This bird is hard to photograph without blowing out the white head patch. This one is semi-good but I like it because he's eating his favorite food - crayfish. (I spent a couple unsuccessful hours attempting to ID the species of crayfish.)