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mandarin duck

  1. Mandarin duck ....female

    Mandarin duck ....female

    In a large flock of Mallards
  2. Mandarin Duck Pair Mating

    Mandarin Duck Pair Mating

    A pair of Mandarin ducks (Aix galericulata), mating, Hampstead Heath, London, UK, 16/05/19.
  3. Beautiful Mandarin Duck

    Beautiful Mandarin Duck

    A beautiful Mandarin Duck Drake in a pond in the woods. If you listen closely you can hear her quiet calls.
  4. Yow ain't seen me roight!

    Yow ain't seen me roight!

    Mandarin drake
  5. Two Mandarin Ducks

    Two Mandarin Ducks

    A female Mandarin Ducks "fishes" acorns from the bottom of the pond while her drake watches her.
  6. SF  In my neck of the woods??

    SF In my neck of the woods??

    Mandarin duck
  7. mandarin duck.jpg

    mandarin duck.jpg

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  8. Mandarin duck

    Mandarin duck

    Still here,a rarity in my surroundings
  9. Mandarin duck

    Mandarin duck

    First time seeing an adult male.
  10. Mandarin duck

    Mandarin duck

    Did not see a female that day. A single male?
  11. Mandarin Duck Male.jpg

    Mandarin Duck Male.jpg

  12. mandarin duck & sons

    mandarin duck & sons

    A mandarine duck frome three years, every spring, arrives in a pond which is a protected area near the sea. It mates with a female mallard and together they have beautiful broods like the one in the photo. The caring father takes care of the family until the little ones become independent, then...
  13. mandarin


    Nice of him to pose for me!
  14. Mandarin Duck

    Mandarin Duck

    Photographed in a creek in the suburb of Montreal together with a white domestic duck and a wild female Mallard. That Duck was seen and photographed in January 2021 at another location at sub zero temperatures.
  15. Mandarin ducks

    Mandarin ducks

    I feel like these belong here in the UK. I am always delighted to see them. But I never saw more than 2 at once, and here, there were 6 waiting for me, as if to distract me from the woodpeckers failing to put up an appearance
  16. CNX2_ICC_7996rev1.jpg


    Mandarin Duck
  17. Mandarin Duck

    Mandarin Duck

    Another of this beautiful Mandarin Duck resident on a local disused boating lake too good to only show one pic.
  18. Snort!


    I probably should have saved this one for Saturday fun, but I figure we could all use an extra laugh this year. Hope this gave you one.
  19. A different view

    A different view

    He was also getting much bolder after spending much of the summer at the popular duck-feeding area. Staying well away from humans earlier, he was now swimming quite close to where I stood at the edge of the pond. That gave me a different view of his plumage.
  20. Outta my way!

    Outta my way!

    I got dozens of good shots of this guy that day, but I'll try not to bore you by posting them all. Just a final three today, and making sure they're all quite different poses. Here he's chasing off a Mallard who was crowding him near the seeds I'd been tossing out onto the water. When this guy...
  21. mandarin


  22. 14-Canard mandarin Aix galericulata Mandarin Duck- 23 mai 2014.jpg

    14-Canard mandarin Aix galericulata Mandarin Duck- 23 mai 2014.jpg

    Canard mandarin - Aix galericulata - Mandarin Duck
  23. Mandarin Duck female

    Mandarin Duck female

  24. That's more like it!

    That's more like it!

    The water tells the story here. Once the Mallard was futher away, the Mandarin stopped his chase. The water behind him was churned up by the chase, which he conducts partly submerged like a surface torpedo. The droplets and rings ahead of him are what's left of the trail of the retreating Mallard.
  25. Mandarin Duck

    Mandarin Duck