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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

milvus migrans

  1. Black Kite in flight

    Black Kite in flight

    Black Kite is a scavenger, but sometimes it catches insects, froges etc.
  2. black kite

    black kite

  3. black kite

    black kite

  4. Black necked Stork : inflight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Black necked Stork : inflight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Black-necked Stork ... ... soaring ... a globally threatened species ... A Black Kite follows the Stork briefly ... checking out the big guy from above ... Nazafgarh Wetland Delhi-Gurugram Border !0 January 2018
  5. Raptor-192


    Numero uno ... ... numerically ___________________ Black Kite Delhi India
  6. Black Kite

    Black Kite

    Black Kite
  7. The Birds

    The Birds

    Then we were finally off on the boat trip on the famous Murray River. Sadly for a short while at the beginning of the tour we were harassed by some youngsters in a boat, but they gave up in the end. Then we reached a spot where we were shown a Canoe Tree on the bank (Google it LOL). The Birds...
  8. black kite

    black kite

  9. black kite

    black kite

    Several black kites were hunting over a freshly harvested field. They seemed to go for voles, which might actually have been killed by the mower.
  10. Roadside kite

    Roadside kite

    Things went a bit downhill after that.... I made even more of a mess of the next few birds and we started on the walk back to the cabins... it became a bit of a trudge in the heat and after a bit both Adrienne and I were falling to bits. So Peter bravely set off on his own to get the car and...
  11. Raptor - 133

    Raptor - 133

    Numerically the top raptor in the world ... Highly skillful in the sky ... ... and very fond of aerobatics ... regularly engaging in friendly aerial jousts among themselves ... not briefly ... but for extended duration Looking equally impressive on the ground as well ...
  12. Raptor - 124

    Raptor - 124

    Raptor - 124 It was a good opportunity to compare the sizes of these Raptors on field ... Egyptian Vulture Adult and immature Black Kite __________ Rampur Uttar Pradesh India
  13. Black kite

    Black kite

    with a mouse from a freshly mowed meadow. Three Spotted flycatchers where here this afternoon. No more nesting activity. One big problem for nesting birds in this area is that the corvids permanently return to this place because people feed them.
  14. Black kite

    Black kite

    Frequently forages in urban areas, rubbish dumps, aquatic habitats, and grassland, but usually avoids heavily forested areas (ebird).
  15. Black kite

    Black kite

    With a mouse chunk from a mowed meadow.
  16. black kite

    black kite

  17. black kite

    black kite

  18. Black in the blue

    Black in the blue

    With still an hour to go before dinner at the hotel and wondering how to fill in the time, I suggested we stop by the river and see if we could get access to it. It was one of my better suggestions, we found a parking area beside the bridge. As we tried to get a feel for the place I spotted a...
  19. black kite

    black kite

    several hunting over a freshly ploughed field
  20. Black, but not what we looked for....

    Black, but not what we looked for....

    .... but it'll do very nicely. Hans got word that a Black-breasted Buzzard had been seen, so off we set for the location deep into the reserve. We thought we found the nesting tree, but no sign of the buzzard. However, not all lost, as we found a Whistling Kite in flight and also this Black Kite.
  21. black kites

    black kites

    had a little trip to the desert near the mountains and found thousands (literally) on trees, on ground and soaring above. spectacular sight indeed. hope you like it.
  22. Black Kite

    Black Kite

    We don't normally see this bird around Perth but there were plenty in the Kimberley
  23. black kite

    black kite

    the darker eye seems to indicate a young adult
  24. black kite

    black kite

  25. black kite

    black kite