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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

musk duck

  1. Mother love

    Mother love

    Moving along this lake a little, the water became more open and there at the edge of the reeds was a female Musk Duck with her duckling. This is a rather unusual species, the male looking really rather odd... you'll see him later. My first Lifer of the day and was just most unexpected.
  2. W

    Musk duck "speaks"

    Interesting discovery from researchers in Australia. Didn't see it posted here yet. Talking Musk duck
  3. Musk Duck (m)

    Musk Duck (m)

    A rather odd-looking duck - the male has the large lobe, and swims partially submerged much of the time.
  4. Musky


    That little bay seemed to be popular, for also there was a Musk Duck. A most peculiar looking duck which is quite unique, being a monotypic species in a monotypic genus.
  5. Musky


    Moving a bit further along the pond, the water became less overgrown and there on the far side, was my first Lifer of the day. Musk Duck and not only that but it was an adult (female I think) feeding a duckling. A rather odd looking species, particularly the male. Oh joy!
  6. Musk Duck, male

    Musk Duck, male

    Completely aquatic and almost helpless on land. During breeding season the Male excretes an intense odour from a gland on its rump. The pouch under the bill expands up to 150 mm and he raises his tail feathers and spreads them like a fan over his back. They seldom fly and need a long take off...
  7. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

  8. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

    First one iv ever seen
  9. Musk Duck, male

    Musk Duck, male

    Male Musk Duck
  10. 'In the wild!'

    'In the wild!'

    The Musk Duck (male) has a lobe underneath its chin and uses it to attract the females, it also claps its tail on the water to make a huge splash, at the same time emmitting a very sharp whistle......I did a series of photos and video for the Serendip Sanctuary when they had a Musk Duck born...
  11. Musk Duck (Male)

    Musk Duck (Male)

    Male Musk Duck
  12. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

    I don't get to see these guys very often. Not one of the prettier ducks
  13. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

    Our trip to Pemberton revealed a whole community of birds tame enough to stare down the lense of my camera. This little one seemed intrigued by her handsome reflection.
  14. Gotcha!!!


    I always wanted to catch one in its enviroment and in Werribee TP there are lots of them. Only problem is that they can see you approaching and move out of range to the opposite side. This time as I was walking along a bund I happened to look down and there it was! I think it was so surprised to...
  15. 'Another New Bird!!!...

    'Another New Bird!!!...

    This little one I found near the Swans and it kept going under the water and resurfacing a long distance away and it was with a male who also kept it's distance from me! But while I was waiting for my flight shot of the Swans they ventured closer and I have now scored another 'Newbie'!! I...
  16. Female Musk Duck

    Female Musk Duck

  17. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

  18. Musk Duck

    Musk Duck

    Taken on a Lake at Phillip Island Victoria
  19. Musk Duck with Pacific Black Ducks

    Musk Duck with Pacific Black Ducks

    Musk Ducks tend to be found in deeper water, but this fellow was hanging around near the shore, hoping for some food.