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  1. AM1A1709-1.jpg


    photographed from the hand
  2. AM1A0505-1-2.jpg


    photographed from the hand
  3. Northern Wheatear (♀)

    Northern Wheatear (♀)

    A female Northern Wheatear at Breskens, Slugs, Zealand, Netherlands
  4. Eurasian Dotterel

    Eurasian Dotterel

    I posted a portrait of this bird before, but I like this one even better.
  5. Great egret

    Great egret

  6. Mute swan

    Mute swan

  7. MaxesTaxes

    Waterfowl from Vogelplas Starrevaart, Netherlands

    Hi everyone, Here are a few different duck/waterfowl species I photographed in mid-August in the Vogelplas Starrevaart (Netherlands) where I'd like to ask for or confirm my IDs on. The area is known for its high diversity of bird species. I believe it's likely that I was maybe in the "eclipse"...
  8. ruddy turnstone

    ruddy turnstone

  9. Carrion Crow

    Carrion Crow

  10. Purple Heron

    Purple Heron

  11. Purple Heron

    Purple Heron

  12. Swan portrait

    Swan portrait

    A lovely close-up profile shot of this famous and majestic bird
  13. MaxesTaxes

    Which crow picture do you like best?

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure whether this is the right subforum to post this in (or whether posts like this are allowed/encouraged), so if not then the mods can feel free to take whatever action is necessary. Anyways I'm looking for some feedback on these crow photos that I took recently. All of...
  14. Moorhen by the water

    Moorhen by the water

    A plump and handsome moorhen heading into water.
  15. European Robin

    European Robin

  16. Pied wagtail enjoying a quick tan

    Pied wagtail enjoying a quick tan

    A cute pied wagtail by the side of a pond, on a cold but sunny day
  17. MaxesTaxes

    Small fluffy passerine bird from the Netherlands

    Hey guys, I saw this small passerine bird yesterday on the edge of some woods in The Hague, Netherlands. I've seen it quite a few times before, but this is the first time I actually managed to get it on camera as it tends to never stand still. I am very unsure of what species it is. The closest...
  18. Horned Grebe

    Horned Grebe

  19. MaxesTaxes

    Flying geese in the Netherlands

    Hi guys, Here are some geese flying in formation over the beach of the Wassenaarse Slag in the Netherlands. The photo was taken on the 9th of January this year (the second photo is just a cropped version of the first one). I'm really not sure that the photos are good enough to make out any...
  20. MaxesTaxes

    Larus gull from Wassenaarse Slag, Netherlands

    Hey guys, I photographed this gull in January (2021) at the beach of the Wassenaarse Slag in the Netherlands. I believe it is a juvenile Larus gull, however I am having a hard time figuring out which species it belongs to. My current best guess is Larus argentatus, but if you tell me it's a L...
  21. MaxesTaxes

    Hello from the Netherlands/UK!

    Hi everyone! My name is Max, and I'm from the Netherlands but also spend a lot of time in the UK as a student. I am actually a very keen palaeontologist, both by hobby (I've been fossil hunting for over 9 years now), and since September by study too. However, despite my main passion being about...
  22. Black-tailed Godwit

    Black-tailed Godwit

  23. Herring Gulls on the alarm post

    Herring Gulls on the alarm post

    The alarm post is a favourite perch for larger birds, especially for gulls. It´s about 15 m-20 m above ground level, so they have a good overlook.
  24. A pair of Shelducks

    A pair of Shelducks

    Here we see a pair feeding on the mudflat. On my way back I saw two of them swimming in shallow water while feeding.
  25. F

    Ringtail Harrier, Netherlands (February 27 2021, Noord-Holland, Waterland, Near Amsterdam)

    This afternoon I saw this Harrier (Waterland, Ransdorp, near the North of Amsterdam and IJsselmeer). A juvenile I think. Unfortunately it was extremely far off and I only managed these blurry images. Hen Harrier would be by far the most likely. Although not possible to really count, I seem to...